World Baton Twirling Day

I’m nearly two weeks late in writing this because World Baton Twirling Day was on 10th April and today is the 21st. Wooops. If I said I’d been super busy then that would be totally true and is truly the reason why I haven’t posted in a little while. Well that and I’ve been away – more on that in a future post!

Anyway, World Baton Twirling Day. For those that don’t know I am (or was) a Baton Twirler and a coach. I retired from the sport entirely 2 and a half years ago although I have recently started doing a little bit of coaching again. It’s a sport that doesn’t get the recognition it deserves, not by any means, but is a sport that is totally spell binding to watch when done right and the memories, the lessons and the experiences never ever leave you.

World Baton Twirling Day was created in 2017 to try and get Baton Twirling more into the public domain. By creating a day on which we celebrate the sport, it gives all twirlers past and present a chance to promote the sport to the wider world and show everyone what a truly wonderfully magical sport it is. And doing it all on the same day means social media platforms are flooded by pictures and videos of twirling. How great is that!

This years theme for the day was ‘flashback’. An opportunity for all twirlers to post a picture or video from years past and therefore a flashback to fond memories or achievements. There was also a short routine to learn if you fancied it and you could video yourself performing it and then post it to social media.

I posted the below picture on my personal Instagram feed (not the blog one) on World Baton Twirling Day as a flashback to 1993 when I won the World Championships with my wonderful duet partner. We were 10 years old then and had only been twirling for 3 years! I’m the one on the left….


Fast forward 22 years to 2015 and I was winning another world title this time as a coach, and in between all of that I’d won multiple National and European titles, visited many different European countries and made the most amazing memories that I will cherish forever. I’ll always be eternally grateful to my parents for allowing me to pursue this sport, paying for me to train, compete, have new costumes and travel around, and especially so when we didn’t have a great deal of money as a family. But in them letting me pursue my passion I’ve learnt SO much about me and about life and it’s definitely helped to mould me into the person I am today.

It always sounds like such a cliché when people say sport teaches you so much about everything. But it really does. Even more so when you’ve been successful at it, because you learn how to deal with both failure and success and every emotion and challenge in between. If I could have my dream career it would definitely be something in sport. I don’t know what specifically, but I love sport and I love twirling even more!

Much twirly love! x

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