Upcycling project #3

Did you know that I’m moving house?! I’m sure you must know that by now, I’ve literally been going on about it since August last year!

And did you know that I’ve already done two mini upcycling projects? One was a directors style chair upcycle and the other a couple of beanbags. You can read about them here and here.

Well just this past week I’ve done a third mini project. And this one has been the smallest, quickest and easiest of all of them.

When I first moved back into mums I needed to clear out my old bedroom in order to move my stuff in. On the walls of my old bedroom were three pictures. Well not pictures  exactly, but like frame things. They were totally grey but with red flowers in them. At the time I bought them the colour scheme in my bedroom was grey black red and white (don’t ask, crazy teenage idea!) and so they were perfect. When I moved out the first time I didn’t take them with me because they didn’t suit the colour schemes in my new house.

When I loved back to mums and saw them on the wall, I had no reason to keep them because they wouldn’t suit the colour scheme in the new house (again!). So I put them on the pile of things to take to a boot sale to try and sell. They’re still in great condition and so I figured someone will want them. And then I didn’t think anything more of them.

So just last week I was sorting through the things that are to go to the boot sale and found these frames and thought to myself that it was a shame to get rid of them because they are really quite nice. And then I had a lightbulb moment! My new bedroom colour scheme in the new house is cream, grey and taupe/beige. Is it possible to take the red flowers off and perhaps replace them with some cream flowers? How had I not thought of this before?

Well it turned out that it was possible to remove the red flowers. First hurdle crossed! So then I went on the hunt for some new cream flowers to replace them. Not only did I find the perfect cream flower for a super cheap price I also found a beautiful mink coloured flower that I thought would also be perfect. So I bought them all, they cost me the grand total of £5.06 and with a bit of all purpose glue in hand I set about creating some new frames.

And the result is – I love them! I don’t have any before pictures unfortunately but every one of these had a red gerbera flower in it. And now they’ve got either a cream gerbera or a mink coloured flower that I don’t know the name of! And they are going to be perfect for my new bedroom. They’ll fill the gap that I’ll have on the wall that I was struggling to think of an idea of what could go there!

So another successful project for my new house albeit a small one. And I’m super chuffed. More unloved and unused pieces that I bought years ago that have a got a new lease of life in my beautiful new house! And all for a super cheap price as well! Yay!

Much love x

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