My first month with The Body Shop At Home

A few weeks ago, I wrote a post about starting a whole new adventure by joining The Body Shop At Home as a consultant. Well I’m a month in and so I thought I’d do a quick post about my experience so far.

Well the first thing to say is – I. LOVE. IT. As I mentioned in my last post, I had apprehensions about joining because I was concerned about having sale targets and being pressured to meet them month after month. But it’s quite the opposite, which is perfect for me. I’m not a sales person and I don’t like pushing for people to buy things, so the fact that I can do as much or as little work as I want is ideal for my lifestyle. So that’s the first big tick in the box for me.

There are incentives for doing well and making sales, so although there’s no targets you are rewarded for hitting a certain level of sales. And the rewards are a combination of free products and bonuses. The free product you can then obviously use to put towards your kit and expand on what you’ve got available for customers to try out at parties and stuff. All good.

I had a super successful first month, far better than I could have wished for really. I was very lucky to have lots of people support me by either booking parties, making orders or even just showing a little bit of interest in my new venture. And without that support I wouldn’t have done half as well as I did. So I’m really very grateful!

I was lucky enough to have received all of the free products that were available to me during my first 28 days, and I’ve bought a few extra bits to go in my kit as well. So I’m slowly building it up. Fingers crossed it won’t be long before I’ve got a bit of everything in my kit which can only be good for my business.

I’ve definitely still got lots to learn and like I said in a previous post I’ll learn it all in my own time. And the more I learn the better I’ll get at doing parties or learning some sales pitches, plus I’ll get to know my customers more and what works for them and what doesn’t. I’m in this for the long haul so I’ll constantly be learning so many new things about everything – the products, the business, my own business and of course about me as I move through this journey. It’s all rather exciting!

The thing that I think I love the most is the opportunity for me to try lots of new products for myself. Up until about 12 months ago I wasn’t really a big fan of beauty or anything like that. I’d always adored The Body Shop ever since I was young, but I was very much of the opinion that I didn’t really need to look after my skin as it was doing pretty well without all that posh skin care product and it probably doesn’t work anyway. So I mostly stuck to shower gels from The Body Shop.

It wasn’t until after I decided to sign up to Glossybox that I really developed an interest in beauty products. I really enjoyed receiving the monthly box and all the inventive little product items that arrived. And for a while I also really enjoyed trying them all out. But then I started disliking the inconsistency of regularly trying out different products. I’m definitely a creature of habit so I’m one for sticking to either one particular product or one particular brand.

As I’m getting older, I’m realising that I really do need to start looking after my skin better. My skin has definitely changed over time and now it needs a bit more TLC. And that’s where The Body Shop comes in. I can try several different products for myself to see what works best for my skin and then that gives me the opportunity to be able to recommend products to customers, or at least provide a testimonial on how well certain products have worked for me. And that can only be a good thing.

Trying out the products in the way that I have is something I wouldn’t have been able to do in the shop, so being able to try them out at home is brilliant. Because I can genuinely vouch for the fact that they really do actually work! And that’s what makes this so interesting to me. Products that I just brushed off before because I just thought they just had a posh name and wouldn’t really work, actually do the job really well! Which has just added to my overall love of The Body Shop.

I won’t always have as successful a month as I had in my first month so I feel very fortunate to have done so well. And the good thing from my perspective is that I’m not relying on the money I earn from the Body Shop as my living, it’s extra money for me to use for whatever I like. And so in that respect the pressure certainly is off of needing to make tons of sales, meaning I can just do my own thing in my own time. Which is why this a perfect little venture for me!

Once I’ve moved into my new house I’ll also have a little office space which will help me to be a little bit more organised with things, which will help with my little business. So there’s lots of good things to come for me with The Body Shop and I’m so so happy that I made the decision to join. Onwards and upwards we go!

Much love! x

4 thoughts on “My first month with The Body Shop At Home

    1. Thank you! Aww that’s a shame you’re thinking of stopping. But the good thing is that at least you’re able to stop whenever you’re ready to. It’d be sad if you did but I totally understand if it’s not what you want to do anymore 😞

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