March in review

I feel like for every month this year I’m probably going to say the same thing about how quickly each month passes and how quickly the year is going. But it is true, time is passing very quickly and March really has flown by. April is already upon us – and remarkably we’re already a week into that as well!

The only good thing about time passing quickly is that my impending house move is coming ever closer which is super exciting! For that reason only I hope the next few weeks pass equally as quickly!

As we’re now in April, that means it’s time for my monthly review of March. And to be honest it’s been a mixed month. Lots of new things happening combined with quite a bit of stress has made it a bit emotionally challenging.

So to get the bad stuff out of the way, work has been really quite hard. Lots of changes going on has meant for a challenging time over the past several months. March has been particularly hard as the most amount of changes have happened during that month. But I think things will start getting better now so that’s a positive.

And the good things? Well, here we go:

  • The Body Shop At Home – this has been my first full month and I am loving it! You can read more about this in an upcoming post so I won’t bore you now!
  • Twirling – March was also the first month that I started coaching with the new team I mentioned in a previous post. I’m really enjoying being back and creating new routines and teaching new stuff. It’s the thing I’ve missed the most about twirling so it’s so great getting back into that side of things again.
  • Bargain furniture buys! – I’ve had my new living room furniture picked out for ages and I’d purposely not bought it because I was waiting until the day before I moved in to the new house to order it so I could have it delivered there. But over Easter weekend there was a sale on and it was 30% off. So I bought it! I figured there was unlikely to be another sale before I was ready to move so whilst it was on sale why not get it?! And I saved myself £95 so that made me very happy 🙂

As I move into April there’s plenty to be looking forward to. I’ve got a weekend in Prague, a Body Shop At Home party and some more twirling training. All that on top of my every day work life too so that’ll keep me busy! And before we know it, it’ll be May and I’ll be doing a review of April. And May means MOVING MONTH!! Hurrah!

Much love! x

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