How I’m juggling life right now

You may have read in a blog post a week or so ago that I’d suddenly got super busy with life which is why I’d not been on the blog very much. Well, things are still super busy and I’m hoping that they will continue to be so for a while yet, so I thought I’d write a post about how I’m juggling everything.

I’m the sort of person that works better when I’ve got a lot to do. I dislike boredom. I also dislike negativity and I’m happiest when I’ve got something to look forward to and plan for. If I have too much to do, I find it easier to organise myself than when I don’t have much at all to do. And having several things to focus on keeps my brain ticking over.

So since the new year I haven’t been overly happy. I moved out of my old house at the end of November and moved back in with my mum while I wait for the new house to be built (but you probably already know this!). For the first few weeks after moving out I still had quite a lot to do and focus on. Things like sorting out my room and my possessions, sorting out lots of documents that were needed for the new house, and of course it was the run up to Christmas which is always busy anyway.

And then new year came and went. I was all sorted and settled in to mums, things went fairly quiet on the house front as all the documentation was pretty much sorted until much closer to moving in day and of course Christmas was over. And now came the time to start focussing on saving as much money as I can for the new house. And saving means not really being able to go out at all, because quite literally every penny helps and every penny matters. So for a few weeks it’s been a case of go to work and come home again and at weekends do things that involve spending zero money. To be honest, it’s still like that now but the difference is that whilst I’m at home I’ve now got things to work on, as I do at weekends. And with about 8 weeks or so to go until I move into the new house, things will continue that way.

But what’s changed? What have I started doing that has made me so busy all of a sudden?

Getting back into Twirling

I’ve been asked to coach a team in Southampton! My first proper training session with them was only this month and so it’s all still a bit new. The thing about taking on a new team is that you need to spend a bit of time getting to know them and how they twirl and their ability levels. So it’s been a case of watching some videos, making some notes and planning some routines. They have their national championships in just two months time so there’s quite a lot to do. I initially said I’d coach them once a month, but with so little time until the competition, I’ve done 2 trainings this month and I’m sure there’ll be a couple more next month too. But that’s ok because I’m enjoying choreographing routines again and they’re a lovely bunch too!

Starting with The Body Shop At Home

I wrote about this in a blog post a few weeks ago which you can read here. It’s surprising how much time this takes up, but I’m loving it. I’m still relatively new and I’ve still got a lot to learn and it’s the learning process which is taking up much of my time. But without committing to learning everything it’s never going to work. I tend to do something related to my new little business every day because there’s so much to do. But I’m so pleased I made the decision to join up and I’m really excited for where this little journey will take me! There’ll be plenty of updates on this on the blog in the future I’m sure.

House move

I feel like this is obvious and I’ve written about it more than enough over the past few months! But as I move towards my moving in date, the tasks that need completing will increase in number and there’ll be lots of things to think about and take care of.

Writing my blog

This is still something I absolutely love doing, but as every blogger knows it’s not just a case of writing a few posts and that’s it. You need to spend a bit of time thinking about what to write and then there’s photos you need to take and then of course actually writing the posts! It takes up quite a bit of time. But I’m absolutely going to continue it, even with everything else that’s going on!

And all of this whilst working a full time job which is really quit stressful at times, and especially so at the moment. So how am I juggling everything then?

One word answers that. PLANNING.

There’s nothing like being organised and so planning and organisation is key. And that’s where I’ve been lacking in the past couple of weeks. I think everything started happening at the same time and so my planning skills went straight out the window. But I’ve got myself sorted now and I’m back into the swing of things on that front!

I find it’s best to try and plan a couple of weeks in advance. I know you can’t always do that as other things get in the way, but for example with my Body Shop business I know when I’ve got parties booked in or orders to go in and so just taking a bit of time to look a couple of weeks in advance and figuring out when stuff needs to happen helps everything to run smoothly.

Same with Twirling. Planning is essential to make sure everyones routines are set in enough time for them to work on them.

So once I know what needs to happen when, I can then plan out my evenings and weekends, ensuring I leave myself enough time to rest and spend time on myself because that it just as important to me as keeping busy!

I probably sound really boring, planning so much of my life and not being spontaneous. But that’s not true at all. Good planning means I can live life the way I want to and do the things I want to do. And there’s always room for spontaneity in life!

Happy planning guys 😉 much love! x

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