House move update!

It’s now been 16 weeks since I sold my house and moved out. And that means I’ve got around 9 weeks left until I move into the new house. WOOOOP! The waiting time has passed quite quickly so far, so I’m really hoping these last few weeks past just as fast. I’m itching to get into my new house now and start making it my beautiful new home!

So, what’s new on the house front then?

Well since I last wrote a post about the house, my little online guide has said it’s moved on two build stages! Apparently the plastering and ceilings are done, the kitchen and bathrooms are all installed and the carpets and flooring are all laid! That’s quite a lot of progress. And it’s only adding to my excitement! They are now doing all the painting and decorating and after that it’s just cleaning and inspection before they hand over the keys.

I’m also still accumulating new bits and bobs for the house based on all my new colour schemes. But the biggest thing I’ve purchased in the past few weeks is…….a new sofa and armchair! I didn’t think I’d get so excited over something as simple as ordering a new sofa, but I really did! It was in the sale as well so that must have added to my excitement.

I’ve also been doing a bit of upcycling, which you can read about in a couple of recent posts. That was quite fun. It’s quite satisfying seeing something a bit old and unloved being given a makeover and brought back to life ready to be used again.

Now that winter is almost over (I say almost because I do live in the UK and you just never quite know!), I’ve also packed away all my thick winter jumpers and cardigans and put them into storage. All my summer stuff is also in storage however, but I figured I probably won’t need any of that until after I’ve moved in! So I’ve just now got clothes that are suitable for that in-between kind of weather still at mums.

And finally, I’m still focussing on the money saving. Which is proving to be quite tough. It’s not tough to do the saving, it’s tough not being able to spend money on what I want! But it is nice when I’m able to buy something new for the house so I guess it’s not all bad!

That’s it for now folks! Much love x

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