Upcycling project #2

After completing my first upcycling project on an old Directors chair, I got the bug for doing some more! It’s really quite thrilling turning something old into something new, at a the fraction of a price it would cost to actually just buy it new. Everyone’s a winner.

Mum had two old brown beanbags which she’d decided she didn’t want anymore. She had every intention of throwing them away, but I decided to rescue them and use them in the new house. I had literally no idea what I would do with beanbags but they must come in useful somewhere in the new house right?!


I settled on creating some new beanbags for the living room. No idea why really, they just seem like a good addition to the living room. You know, in case I ever want to sit on them instead of the sofa…! The tricky bit with making that decision was actually finding some material to use to cover them with.

My intended colour scheme for the living room is red, duck egg blue and natural shades. My old living room was brown red and beige so I’ve actually already got a fair bit of red stuff. Plus most of the cushions and other new bits I’d already bought for the living room were red. I was really quite lacking in anything duck egg blue coloured. So that’s what I settled on – let’s make duck egg blue bean bags. Egg-cellent (sorry, I couldn’t resist that!).

So off I went shopping to find some suitable material. Now, the brown ones are actually suede and I wasn’t keen on working with suede. Plus all I actually really wanted to do was just make a cover for them, I wasn’t going to replace the brown material.

In the same shop that I got the material for the chair from, I found the perfect duck egg blue coloured material. It was the sort of material that you might choose to make curtains out of, satin like, but not too heavy. That’ll do nicely.

It was actually quite tricky making the cover. I didn’t want to put in a zip or anything, just literally cover them over. I wish I could describe how I did it but to be honest, it was complete trial and error. I kept putting the wrong sides of the material together for a start and then I couldn’t work out how to put the edges together….nightmare. I also bought some more polystyrene balls to go inside which I don’t recommend unless you want to keep finding little white balls all around your house for weeks and weeks afterwards….

Anyway, the end result is this:


And as a comparison of the two together:


Which I’m really really pleased with! And I’ve got two of them! They’ll go perfectly in the living room somewhere 🙂

Upcycling project number 2 all complete!

Much love! x

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