A whole new adventure!

As I mentioned in my last post, I’d been MIA on the blog and Instagram for a couple of weeks before I got my act together. I also mentioned that I’d been super busy and that I’d tell you why over the next few posts. Well here is one of the reasons I’ve been super busy – I’ve joined The Body Shop At Home as a Consultant! Wooooo! And it’s kept me quite busy since I joined as I’ve got quite a lot to learn if I want to be successful.

So firstly, let’s talk about why I joined.

Three main reasons:

  • I’m ready to fill the gap left in life since I gave up twirling 2 and a half years ago.
  • I want to do something that I like and is fun and has no pressure
  • It’d be nice to earn a little bit of extra money on top of my normal salary as I’ve got big plans over the next couple of years and I need money to fulfil them!

And basically The Body Shop At Home ticked all of the boxes. I’d first researched it just after Christmas as I was curious after I’d seen someone on Instagram mention they were a Consultant.

Despite my research I was in two minds about it, for various reasons. On the plus side I LOVE The Body Shop, I believe in what it stands for and it’s a brand that I would have loved to work with on the blog at some point in the future. But on the negative side I was worried that there would be lots of pressure to get sales in or if you weren’t doing well at it, they wouldn’t want you to work for them anymore. I’m not a sales person really, that was what put me off.

In the end I decided that I’d really like to do it, but only once I’d moved into the new house. Otherwise I’d just end up with lots of stuff at mums to move out on top of everything that already needs moving. Plus I’d need to change my address, so it all felt like a bit of hassle. So yeah, I’ll wait until I’ve moved.

And then I had a moment about 3 weeks ago. Why am I waiting?! There’s no benefit to waiting is there? But I still had reservations. However, I don’t really know whether it’s going to be right for me, or whether my reservations can be put to bed until I ask. So I went online, submitted my little enquiry form and that was that!

I was put in contact with a lovely lady called Emma who talked me through what being a Consultant was all about, the benefits that came with it and all the support that is out there to help you along your way. And after that conversation, my concerns were all put to bed and I was sold! So I joined, yayyyyy!

It’s now been over two weeks since I started and to be honest, I’m still finding my feet but I know I’m going to love it! There’s a lot to learn and a lot of things to remember in order to be successful, but if you take it all on board and use all the support tools that are available to you, you’ll fly!

So what does it all mean to be a Consultant?

Well, you are self employed and basically it’s up to you how much or as little work you do. There are lots of incentives for you to get additional products for free to add to your kit if you hit a certain level of sales in your first 28 days, but there’s no pressure to hit them which is what I like. You get commission on anything you sell. And as it’s your own little business, you make it work for you. There are always great offers on that are only available to The Body Shop At Home customers (so not available in store or online) so you can make the offers work for you and your customers.

You get a fab beauty kit, which you only pay £45 for, but it’s actually worth £220. It’s full of some of the best selling The Body Shop products and you take it to parties to demonstrate it all. There’s so much you can do with it your kit and it’s yours to keep! Here’s what you get to start with:


And the more sales you do, the more things you can get for free to add to it, which can only ever benefit your business. So it’s a win win really! You will need to shell out sometimes if you want extra stuff to go in your kit, but ultimately it’s an investment into your own business so it’s absolutely worth it!

So how have I done so far?

Well, I’ve had quite a good start. There’s a lot of people who have shown interest which is great. I’ve got one party booked in for definite, another to be booked and one potential more to come. And a few people have placed orders from the catalogue which is great news!

I am the type of person however that will get to grips with things in my own time. There is SO much support and so many ideas available to you, it can be quite daunting to take it all in properly. So over the next few weeks I’ll start to learn, in my own time, how I can make things work for me in order to be really successful. Basically I just need to build my own confidence up and then I’ll be flying.

I always see posts from other people who are making loads of sales and earning loads of money just in their first couple of weeks, and I’ve wondered whether I’m missing something or doing something wrong. But I don’t think I am, it’s just a confidence thing as I’ve not really put it out there too much that I’m doing The Body Shop At Home. So once I’ve got my own confidence up I’ll feel much better about everything.

That all probably makes it sound like I’ve made the wrong decision – but I definitely haven’t! I know I’m going to enjoy it and I’ll work really hard on being successful. I’m a big advocate of The Body Shop and have loved it for as long as I can remember. But more importantly, I WANT to do well at it and that’s the first stepping stone – being committed to being good!

I’ll keep you updated during my new adventure. I’m in it for the long haul so there’ll be plenty to update you on I’m sure.

Until next time, much love! x

4 thoughts on “A whole new adventure!

  1. It’s exciting joining the body shop at home! I hope you have plenty of success! I’m currently trying to decide if it is something I want to continue doing but that is purely because I no longer have the time!!!


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