My favourite perfumes

If you follow me on Instagram you’ll have seen that I posted a couple of photos of my favourite perfumes at the weekend. So this post will not be a surprise to some because you’ll have already seen what my favourite perfumes are!

Now I’m definitely no perfume expert. In fact I can’t even properly explain why my favourites are my favourites. I have no real idea on what ‘ingredients’ or ‘tones’ there are in any of the perfumes that I tend to like. I don’t look for one particular fragrance/tone/ingredient when I’m looking for a new perfume. And to be honest, because of that it takes me ages to find a new one when I’ve decided that I need a bit of a change.

The good thing about that though is that at least I can truly say when I’ve found one I like, I really do like it. And once I’ve found a new one, I tend to stick with it for quite a long time.

So, my current favourites. What are they? Well I have two and I’m using both of them.

The first is this beauty:


Flowerbomb by Viktor & Rolf. 

What a truly delicious smelling fragrance this is. For me, this is perfect for summer but equally suits winter as well. It’s a fragrance for all seasons! As I’ve said above, I have no idea what individual fragrances/tones (whatever!) are put together to make this, but whatever it is it’s beautiful. It’s quite a popular fragrance as well, I often get a waft of it on several other people as I’m innocently wandering around town or when I’m out and about.

My second favourite is this one:


Noir Tease by Victorias Secret.

This is quite different to the one above but equally as beautiful. This one reminds of a fragrance best suited to winter but again is equally as lovely in the summer! Another one for all seasons.

This was actually the only one in Victorias Secret that I actually liked. I must have tried every single fragrance they have and this was the one that stuck with me. That’s how picky I am!

I think both of the above have got quite strong floral undertones to them. Maybe that’s what I like?! Maybe I’m actually a floral kind of perfume person. I’m not one for perfumes that smell really florally or quite sweet. I’m also not one for ones that smell quite ‘bitter’ (if that’s even a thing?!). So I must tend to go for something in between. And I think my two current favourites are ‘in between’ kind of ones.

Before I used either of these two I was massively into Chance by Chanel. I used that for about 3 years I think. But after a while I got a bit bored of it and that’s when I changed to my current ones.

There’s one perfume from ages ago that I adored. But all of a sudden I couldn’t find it anywhere and I was gutted because I’d been using it for ages and had no intention of changing to something different – I was forced into a change because I couldn’t find it anywhere. How outrageous! That perfume was Premier Jours by Nina Ricci.

I figured it had just been discontinued altogether, but when I was in Paphos airport duty free shop last year I FOUND IT!!! Yes they actually sold it and it smelt just as good as it had always done. But it was really quite expensive even though it was in duty free. And I couldn’t really justify spending that much money on it. But now I wish I’d got it! So maybe if I ever make it back to Paphos I’ll get some. Assuming they till have it. Maybe they’ll have it another duty free shop somewhere else in the world. I guess I’ll just have to go travelling to new places so I can visit new airports and see if I can grab one 😉

Much love guys! x

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