Valentines schmalentines

And here we go again, only a few days until St Valentines Day, and as per every other year for the past what feels like a trillion years, I’ll be glad when it’s over. I wrote the below post in the run up to Valentines Day 2017. I was single then just like I am now and the words I wrote then are just as true as when I wrote them a year ago. So rather than just write everything again, I’ve updated this one a bit for your reading pleasure 😉


I really am not a fan of Valentines Day. At all. Never have been and probably never will be. For single people, like me, it only serves to remind you that you are indeed still single. And for people who are in relationships, there’s just pressure and an expectation to do something amazing for your partner.

For me, being single at Valentines Day doesn’t bother me too much because I’m perfectly happy being single. Plus I’ve spent so many Valentines Days being single that I’ve sort of become immune to the hype around it. But for other single people, they possibly don’t find it so easy to deal with when so much is made of the day now.

I’ve been in relationships in the past at Valentines Day and even then I’ve never particularly liked it. Like I’ve said above, it feels like you’re under pressure to do something pretty special to declare your love for your partner just because it’s Valentines Day. You can do that at any other time!

Part of my dislike might be to do with that fact that I’m probably lacking in emotion! I’m not one for expressing my emotions very much so in that sense, Valentines Day is like my ultimate nightmare! And having a specific day to display that emotion just really isn’t me at all. I’m sure I can be romantic and affectionate and emotional when I want to be, but being forced into it – no thanks!

So each year, when Christmas and New Year is over and we head in to January and there are reminders in the shops, in TV and on Facebook and Twitter and everywhere else you look, I try my best to ignore it. There is always a part of me that for a moment thinks “brilliant, single at Valentines Day again, how depressing” but then I realise that being single at Valentines Day isn’t in any way bad. Actually, for me it’s a good thing!

You might be thinking then, that if I’m happy being single and that being single at Valentines isn’t that bad, then why can I not wait for it to be over? Well because it’s sort of forced on you, for commercial reasons in my opinion, and as much as I try to ignore it it’s just not possible to totally ignore it! So once it’s over, you just don’t have to worry about trying to ignore it anymore.

At the risk of sounding like I’m completely heartless, I’d just like to point out that if someone was kind enough to send me flowers or buy me a present on Valentines Day, I would of course be very grateful! The fact that someone has thought of you enough to want to buy you a gift is a lovely thing. But I’d be equally as grateful to receive such a gift whether or not it was Valentines Day.


I hope that if I should ever find myself in a relationship again on Valentines Day, that my partner will understand my viewpoint on it and my reluctance to “celebrate” it.

So if you’re single come Wednesday, my advice would be to forget about what everyone else is doing. If you want someone to love you or pay you some attention, then love yourself. Take some time out for you and spend the day or the evening (or both!) focussing on yourself.

Everyone needs to do that once in a while, right?

Much love (in a non valentines kind of way, obvs) x

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