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Here’s a fact about me that you might not know – I used to be a baton twirler. And not only that, I was a National, European and World Championship winning baton twirler. And then I was a National, European and World Championship winning baton twirling coach. And it takes a lot of love, dedication and hard work to get to that!

You can read all about baton twirling in one of my older posts (which you can visit here). You can also read about why I gave it all up a couple of years ago here.

As you’ll see from the second of the above posts, despite my love of the sport of baton twirling, when I gave it all up it was absolutely the right time for me to leave it all behind. I completely retired from everything to do with the sport and it felt so good! And for ages and ages I didn’t miss it one tiny bit. And then I started to change my mind a bit and started missing the thing that I’d always loved the most about it – choreographing.

I really never thought, or wanted, to ever get back into the whole twirling world properly. I missed choregraphing routines and that was pretty much it. I had no intentions to get back involved in the twirling world. Ever. And after two years away from it all, I never really expected any twirling opportunities to come my way ever again. And I was pretty OK with that.

A few weeks ago however, I was asked whether I’d be willing to judge at a competition that was being held fairly locally to me. I’m a qualified judge in the association that I used to be a part of and so that allows me to judge in some other associations too. And so I thought, why not? So I did.

I wasn’t sure how I’d actually feel about making a reappearance in the twirling bubble. Would it reignite my passion and desire to coach again, would it make me realise I’d made a mistake in leaving, would it make me want to get heavily involved in the sport all over again? I also wasn’t sure how people would react to me turning up again like a bad penny after two years away! And I wasn’t even that sure I’d even enjoy judging. But nevertheless, I agreed to do it.

So the last weekend in January, off I went to spend my whole weekend in a sports centre judging a competition full of eager twirlers, some very talented indeed, who still clearly enjoy the sport! Which was really great to see.

But how would I answer the above questions now? Did it reignite my passion for the sport? Did it make me realise I’d make a mistake in leaving when I did? Did it make me want to get heavily involved in the sport again?

Well, no is the answer to all of that! I did enjoy being there, but one weekend of it was enough for me. I definitely don’t want to get involved in twirling to the same extent as I was before. I’m so happy with my twirling free life and being able to do what I want when I want that getting into any sort of regular commitment just isn’t what I want any more.

To my initial apprehension though, I was approached by someone who was looking for a new coach for her team. I was quite clear in my mind that I didn’t want to get into anything where I had to commit to doing anything on a frequent and regular basis. But after a bit of discussion about what she wanted and what I wanted, I’ve agreed to provide a bit of coaching to her team! And it’s just one Sunday a month which is completely perfect for me!

The great thing is that I get to do some choreography and coaching but at a frequency that suits me. And so I’ve made a very minor return to the twirling world, and I’m actually quite excited about it! I’m really looking forward to working with the new team and seeing what they can do and then how I can help them to progress. I think it’s a really exciting opportunity that will work well for me.

You can take the girl out of twirling but you can never take twirling out of the girl!


Much love guys! x

3 thoughts on “Back to Twirling

      1. No problem! ☺️ My mom and brother love watching Gymnastics, so I’ve seen some performances on TV before. I like that it’s very elegant and smooth sport, you can definitely tell that a lot of skill and hard work goes into the routines! I think my family are going going to see the European Championship Gymnastics in Glasgow in the summer, so they may see some Twirling then!x

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