What I’m missing not having my own house

Here we go with another house move related post. Sorry for all the house move spam but thanks for sticking with me!

Now that I’ve been living at mums for just over 9 weeks and life has calmed down a little bit, the things that I’m starting to miss about living in my own house are starting to play on my mind a bit. It’s not because I don’t like living with my mum, it’s all going well living with her and she’s very good to allow me to stay for so long! It’s just that I’ve spent nearly 11 years living on my own so being back at mums is, in a way, really quite hard. I’m not finding living with someone hard, it’s the fact that it’s not MY house that is proving challenging.

So here are the things that I’m missing the most:

#1 – having my own space

I’m sure most people can relate to this in a way. I kind of feel like I’m in the way a lot of the time. Not because I’m made to feel that way, I’m just conscious that there are times where me and/or my stuff are just in the way!

#2 – having my own routine

When you have you’re own house, you have you’re own routine. Certain things get done on certain days or there are particular things you do in a particular way. That’s not the case at the moment as I’m trying not to disturb mums routine too much. So I’m kind of just doing things as and when they need doing, but as I’m the sort of person who likes to have a simple routine in life, that’s quite hard to adjust to.

#3 – feeling like I’m at home

I grew up in the house that mum lives in and it was my home for nearly 20 years before I moved out. But now that I’ve had my own home and made it the way I wanted it, mums is no longer my ‘home’ and so I don’t feel completely ‘at home’.

#4 = being surrounded by own stuff

Apart from the stuff I brought with me that I need in order to live, all of my possessions are in storage. So I’ve got none of my home comforts with me. And it’s simple things like working out how to use mums stuff that feels weird – I couldn’t figure out how to use the TV for about 3 days!!

#5 – knowing where everything is!

I’ve managed to organise my room in such a way that I think I know where most stuff is now, but there are still times where I have no idea where I’ve put something. In my own house everything has it’s place and I can put my finger on pretty much anything at any time. But having my stuff split between storage and going from living in a 2 bedroom house to living in just one room means I am a little bit unorganised! But it’s only temporary so I’ll just have to deal with it!

All of that probably makes me sound so ungrateful to my mum. But I’m honestly not, I’m just used to living on my own and being completely independent and relying totally on myself for everything. And not having that for a period of time is tricky.

I knew that moving back in with mum for a few months was going to be a bit hard, but I don’t think I’d totally appreciated how much I’d end up missing having my own house. And whether it was mum that I’d moved in with, or someone else, I’d have had the same feelings about it all. The key thing is, I don’t have a place I can call my own. Not yet anyway. A few more months and I will.

On the plus side, I have had the chance to save lots of money by not having to pay for a mortgage or bills so there’s always a silver lining 🙂

The countdown is on now until moving in day and to when I can settle back into my own routine in my own house. Good times!

Much love! x

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