House move update #1 of 2018!

If you’re a regular reader to my blog (thank you if you are!) then you’ll be aware that this year I’m moving into my brand new house and I am EXCITED! If you’re new to my blog, firstly welcome and thank you for reading, and just so you’re all up to date – I’m moving into a brand new house this year! WOOOOOOOOOOOOOO.

I sold my old house and moved out at the end of November 2017 and my new house isn’t ready until sometime between April and June 2018. My mum has therefore been kind enough to let me move back in with her for a few months while I’m waiting for my new place to be finished.

If you’ve ever bought a house then you’ll know there’s an awful lot that needs to be done in terms of paperwork and reading and paperwork and phone calls and emails and, well, paperwork. But buying a new build involves even more paperwork and emails than normal, especially when you’re using a government scheme to help you buy it.

Nevertheless there have been some exciting developments since the last time I wrote a house move update post so I wanted to fill you all in!

Exciting development #1 – I’ve exchanged contracts!!! This means I’m now legally responsible for it, eeek! And it marks a major milestone in the house buying process because it means all the big things have been done – mortgage offer accepted, help to buy application given approval and the solicitors and advisors have done most of their work.

Exciting development #2 – I’ve actually been inside the house for the first time! The last time I saw the house it had no roof and loads of scaffolding up. Its now got a roof and windows, the scaffolding is down and they’ve starting work on the electrics and plumbing. So I was invited to go and do what they call a “meet the builder” session and I got to go inside my ACTUAL HOUSE and see how it’s coming along. And it’s completely perfect! Well, it’s obviously not perfect because it’s still a building site, but when it’s finished it’s going to be everything I hoped it would be and far more. I knew I’d like it just from the pictures I’d seen of other ones of that style, but I don’t just like it – I. LOVE. IT. And I really can’t wait to move in!

Exciting development #3 – I’ve picked out all the furniture I want after searching for about the past 3 months and changing my mind multiple times on what I did and didn’t like! I’d decided to get new furniture for the new house long before I’d actually sold the old house and I new what sort of colours I was looking for. But just like other new things, I tend to know what I’m looking for when I see it and wont settle for just anything, or something that’s ‘similar’ but not quite what I wanted. But now I’ve found it all! I just hope they still have it in the shops when I come to buy it when I move in!

Exciting development #4 – As of today I’ve bought all of the smaller bits that I need for moving in. I’d written a very long list of things that I need/want (tou know, like cushions, curtains, saucepans etc) and I’ve finally bought the last bit today, hurrah! So it’s literally just the furniture to go now.

All I need now is my letter from the developers to tell me which month it is that I’ll actually be moving in and then just wait for notice of an actual moving in date!

It still feels like such a long time away yet. But then I remember that I’ve been living back at mums for 8 weeks already and I feel like I’ve literally only just moved back in a couple of weeks ago, so fingers crossed it keeps going quickly so I can get moved in to my gorgeous new house!

Until next time lovely readers, much love! x

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