Not a fan of New Years Eve!

So, here we are in 2018. HAPPY NEW YEAR! Can you believe it?! I’ve said it multiple times in multiple posts now, but 2017 really flew by. Will 2018 go equally as quick? Who knows. All I know is that there is a lot for me to look forward to this year.

It still doesn’t quite yet seem like we’re in a brand new year, although I guess we are only in the third day. I mean, it takes a couple of weeks to just get used to writing a new year whenever you’re writing a date down doesn’t it! It’s definitely true that time passes by much quicker the older you get. It still feels to me like it should be about June 2017, not 7 months later in January 2018. Crazy.

Every year when NYE approaches, I’ve always get a sense of internal conflict in my brain. I don’t particularly like NYE because I personally find it a huge anti climax. I mean in reality, all that’s happening is one minute you’re in one month and year and literally the next minute it’s a different month and year. It’s not like we celebrate the end of each month with a big party is it?! To me, NYE is just another night and I’m not really one for celebrating it.

That makes me sound very boring doesn’t it?! I’m not, I promise!

On the other hand, ending one year to start another one is something I do look forward to. The start of a new year is usually the point that we all look to as a chance to start again. 12 months is a long time really, even if it feels like it goes super quick. So reaching the end of that 12 months is the point at which we’re ready to say the current year is a bit old and tired and we need something new, a chance to refresh ourselves, set new goals and do whatever we need to do to try and progress or better our lives.

And then BAM, the clock strikes midnight and we’re in a new year and the new years resolutions will all come flowing thick and fast! Ahhhh new years resolutions, you’ve got to love them….

Most people will have thought about making new years resolutions in the run up to the big night. Some will decide not to make any at all. I’m the latter. At least, I don’t make New Years resolutions as such. I tend to have an idea of things I’d like to achieve during the year and I write those down, but I don’t ever tie myself to achieving something by a particular date. And if the things I want to do during the year don’t happen and they’ve not happened for a good reason, then so be it. As each day and month passes and life happens, the things that you planned to do at the start of the year almost certainly fall away and life takes a slightly different path to that which you intended. Being flexible in when I want to achieve something by is key for me.

In another blog post I’ve got coming up in the next couple of days you can read what my plans are for this year (if you’re interested!).

I’m the last person to give any advice on things like sticking to new years resolutions. But if there’s one piece of advice I could give if I was asked, it would be to not pressure yourself into achieving something that you’ll be unlikely to achieve without making significantly major changes to your life. I mean, is making major changes to your lifestyle in one big hit really realistic?!

You need to be honest with yourself when deciding whether the goals you’re setting are really achievable in the space of a month or a year or whatever time frame you’ve set. And you need to be honest with yourself as to whether you’ll stick to whatever major changes you need to make your life to achieve your goals. And if you can believe you can do all that, then go for it and don’t let anyone try and talk you out of it or be negative!!

Or, jut set some smaller goals, ones that are more realistic for you and your circumstances. Sometimes smaller steps can lead to bigger changes and the bigger steps lead nowhere.

Whatever your new years resolutions are this year, I wish you lots of luck and good wishes in achieving them! YOU CAN DO IT!!

Much love! x

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