2017 in review – my favourite blog posts of this year

For my final 2017 review post, I thought I’d be completely self indulgent and take a look back at some of my favourite blog posts that I’ve written this year! Because why not?!

These posts aren’t my favourites because they had the most views or the most likes or comments. They are my favourites because I enjoyed writing them the most and I think they most reflect me and my life this year.

I intended to pick my top 5, but just like my other review posts, picking 5 was a bit hard, so I went for seven! I’m not sure I have a favourite of these seven so I’m just going to list them, in no particular order, and you can read away at your pleasure 🙂

Here we go:

First favourite is “Valentines Schmalentines” – all about my dislike of Valentines day. It’s not as negative as it sounds, it was just a reflection of my feelings of being single on Valentines day this year. I’m sure it will be no different come Valentines day 2018 either!

Second is “35……it’s just a number” where I talk about turning 35 this year and what I feel about it and all the expectations that come with being in your mid thirties!

Next up is “A new adventure” which is where I made the decision to embark on the crazy but exciting adventure of selling my house and buying a new one, eeek!

And then there’s “Coconut crazy” – bit of a random post about my slightly bizarre love of coconut fragranced things.

I also wrote about “How I’m doing as a blogger” which is exactly what it says it is!

We can’t let the one about “Single life at 35” go by without being listed as one of this years favourite posts!

And then last but not least “A new blogging start” which is where I wrote about my thought process for making a new start with my blog.

This isn’t quite my last post of 2017 as there’ll be one more to come, but I really hope you’ve enjoyed reading my blog this year. Thank you to everyone that follows me for sticking with me and reading what I have to say even when it’s rubbish! And thank you if you’ve liked or commented on any of my posts. All of it really means the world to me so thank you!

Here’s to another fab year of blogging in 2018!!

Much love! x

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