2017 in review – Glossybox faves

Here we go with another 2017 review post – this time about the favourite things I’ve found in the various Glossyboxes I’ve received this year! Wooooo!

I’ve only been a subscriber to Glossybox for a few months – well I say a few months, it’s probably nearly a year by now! Crazy how time flies by……… anyway, I digress. Until I subscribed I really had no particular interest in beauty products. I mostly just used a bit of cleanser and some basic make up – literally! But after I got a free Glossybox with a purchase from Gap, I joined up straightaway, more out of intrigue than anything else. And I’m so glad I did, because it’s opened my eyes to a whole new world of fabulousness!

I can’t say that I’m a complete convert and have changed into a beauty product obsessed crazy woman, but I definitely really enjoy receiving them and seeing what new things are in there every month. And I’ve even used pretty much everything I’ve received which is a bit of a result! So I wanted to share with you my top 5 favourite items from the Glossyboxes I’ve received during 2017.

This was actually quite hard to do, picking just 5, because I’ve received so much great stuff. But there are some bits that I use regularly and so those are the ones I’ve picked out. In fact, I know I’ve already written about a couple of these in previous posts, but there’s no harm in mentioning them again! So, the top 5 are here:


Here they are one by one:

Blusher by Ruby


When I received this I didn’t think the colour would suit me at all. It’s not a colour that I would ever have chosen for myself and I thought it was going to come out some crazy bright coloured orange looking mess that I’d never be able to get off! But this just proves that the guys at Glossybox know what they’re talking about because this has become the colour that I use every day. It’s a perfect colour for me and I’ll definitely be replacing it when it runs out. Love it!

Mascara by Rodial


This popped up in my Glossybox just as I was thinking I needed to start looking for a new mascara – perfect timing! And it was exactly the type of mascara I wanted – one that wasn’t clumpy but added a little ‘ooophh’ to my lashes. Another gem that I’ll be looking to replace in the not too distant future, as this one has all but run out.

Deep Sleep Pillow Spray by This Works


This was actually in the free Glossybox I got with my Gap purchase. And I. LOVE. IT. It actually works a treat. All you do is squirt a couple of sprays on your pillow. I actually spray it on the duvet rather than the pillow as it’s quite a strong smell, but if you’re struggling to fall asleep, the lavender fragrance is just perfect for helping you to drift off. Everytime I’ve used this after having a few bad nights sleep, it’s truly helped me get a lovely nights sleep. It really does work, it’s genius stuff!

Brow Tamer by Pixi by Petra


I always think that eyebrows are one of the most beautifully defining parts of your face. And I’m really fussy with mine. They have to be shaped exactly right each day or I get annoyed! My eyebrows are actually relatively thin but that doesn’t stop them being a tad unruly. And for years I’ve been shaping them using a clear mascara – purely because the eyebrow gel that I used to use got discontinued and I couldn’t find another one. This little brow tamer has been fabulous. It does the job and doesn’t rip your eyebrows out like mascara does (lesson learnt there…). What’s not to love?!

Soothing After Sun by Monuspa


I took this on holiday to Cyprus this year and was super impressed by it! I burn easily unfortunately, and despite the fact that I covered myself in factor 50 sun cream, I still managed to find a couple of patches of slight sunburn pretty much everyday. But, this after sun felt like a bit of a miracle cream. After using it at night, in the morning the sunburn was completely gone! Amazing. Not only that but I used it on some hideous spots that appeared on my chin and whilst it didn’t get rid of them entirely, it certainly reduced the redness and inflammation hug amounts. See, miracle cream!

I’m really looking forward to continuing my beauty product discovery into the new year with Glossybox! Who knew I’d ever be even the slightest bit interested in this kind of stuff?! Definitely not me. But I’m certainly interested now!

Much love! x

P.s please don’t judge my photography skills in these photos – I know I need to work on them!

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