Rambling on about nothing in particular…..

I honestly can’t believe that there is now less than 3 weeks left of 2017. Like, this time in 3 weeks we’ll be in 2018 and I can’t get my head around that.

This fact didn’t properly dawn on me until this weekend just gone, when I saw an advert on TV for something that is apparently “coming in 2018”. When I heard it I thought blimey that’s ages away. But then I literally had one of those moments where I just stopped what I was doing and had a sudden realisation that it’s not ages away at all, it’s just round the corner.

Now that might also sound weird because, let’s be honest, Christmas is coming and you can’t fail to notice that can you? And whilst I haven’t failed to notice that, what with having had so much go on over the past few weeks, I genuinely didn’t put two and two together and make 2018! Hey ho.

Anyway my reality check did prompt me to think about planning some review posts for 2017, because quite frankly, 2017 has been a phenomenal year for me. So that’s precisely what I’ve done – between now and the end of the year (which is in 3 weeks time don’t forget!) there are five “2017 in review” posts coming your way! I hope you enjoy them. And for the first time ever in my blogging life, they are already written and all scheduled! I am literally dancing a little jig about that.

I’m also not feeling very festive right now. I feel a bit like I’m approaching Christmas a bit zombified and I’m not even the slightest bit excited. Bah humbug! I think it’s because Christmas is a little bit different for me this year as I’m not in my own house so it all feels quite strange and a little bit alien almost.

But never mind all of that! 2018 is fast approaching and there’s plenty to look forward to, so I need to focus on that.

Apologies for my silly rambling post. The next few that will be posted will be a bit more exciting and coherent – at least I hope that’s what you’ll think anyway 😉

Much love! x

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