Bah blogmas..?!

Actually, I don’t mean that. Not in the slightest! I’m really enjoying seeing everyones commitment and content for blogmas. Great work everyone! But how on earth are you all doing it?!

It’s now December 4th and this is my first post of this month. Clearly I am not participating in blogmas, otherwise this would be my fourth post of December and you’d probably be bored of me by now. That’s actually one of the reasons I’m not doing it – I would genuinely struggle to write something that people would want to read every single day of the month through to Christmas. Of those that I’ve managed to read so far though, every one has been fab! But I would just bore people silly if I tried to write something every day.

As well as that, I already struggle to write anything regularly at the moment and I still haven’t got to grips with scheduling and all of the available scheduling tools that are out there to help! Obviously you need to write the actual posts in the first place before you can schedule them – and therein lies the problem for me right now! Finding time to write what I really want to write is proving a teeny bit difficult. I blame it entirely on the house move (see multiple previous posts on said subject) and although it’s been a week since I moved back into mums – after which I had expected things to calm down a bit – I’ve been as busy as ever. So there’s been no time to just sit down, chill, and write properly.

And now that we’re getting into Christmas, things are unlikely to calm down because, well, ’tis the season to be jolly isn’t it, and that means parties and get togethers and parties and…….parties! It’s a crazy time of year but heaps of fun.

The good news is that I have managed to scribble down some content ideas for quite a bit of December, so there’ll be more regular posts coming from me in the not too distant future. And hopefully, going forward, my posting will get back to a more normal schedule!

One thing I just have to mention – and I know I’m not the only one to say this, but – where on earth has this year gone?!?! AND HOW IS IT DECEMBER ALREADY?!?!? The older you get the quicker life seems to pass you by. And that’s certainly true of this year. Plenty of 2017 review posts coming up at the end of the month to reflect on what has been a truly fabulous year for me and the family.

So until next time folks, keeping blogmassing – you’re doing a top notch job!

Much love x

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