End of an era!

I promise this will be my last post about moving house – at least for a little while anyway! I’m sure you’re all really bored of reading my house moving posts by now, but it’s such a big life event that I just feel the need to keep writing about it!

Anyway, yesterday marked the end of an era for me. I completed on the sale of my of my gorgeous little house and now it’s officially no longer mine. I still don’t actually know how I feel about it. I did shed a little tear yesterday morning when I went to do the final meter readings and I locked up for the last time. I just had one of those moments where the previous 10 years of my life living in that house flashed before my eyes in a micro second and it suddenly hit me that I was leaving for good.

After a couple of little tears had rolled down my face I pulled myself together and realised that most of the memories I have in that house are amazing. Plus it’s been a really good investment for me as that house has given me the opportunity to buy my amazing new bigger house, a house which I adore so much, so I can’t really be sad about leaving!

So, have I actually learnt anything from moving house and this whole experience? Well, yes. I’ve learnt that I really don’t want to move out of another house. Ever. Again. Not out of choice anyway. Moving out weekend was super hard work, far harder than I expected. If you’ve read my previous blog post you’ll see that I wrote that no matter how prepared you are, you’ll never be prepared enough. I’m a really organised person and I was super organised with everything when it came to moving out, but it was still really stressful. And without the help I had from the amazing people that agreed to give me a hand it would have been a really difficult job. Or really expensive!

But now I’m all moved out, the majority of my stuff is in storage and I’m living at my mums for a few months. And of course whilst I’ll be moving out of mums in a few months, it won’t be a move out on the same scale as I’ve just done so certainly no where near as stressful!

I’ve literally only spent two nights at my mums so far, but the thing that I’ve found the most tricky is the lack of routine I’ve now got. And that’s purely down to the fact that my stuff is all over the place and because the stuff I use on a daily basis is now all in a different place to what I’m used to! But I’ll get used to it. Until I have to change it all again when I move into the new house that is!

The house move has pretty much taken up all of my time and energy for the last 3 months and especially so in the last 3-4 weeks. So what do I do now that the first part of the house move is all done with? Well it would be fair to say that while I’ve been concentrating on the move, my blog has certainly suffered! So the first thing to do now is to start doing some proper planning on how I want to progress it and really get into it. I wrote about my plans a couple of weeks ago so now it’s time to start putting all that into motion. I’ve got so many ideas and now I have the luxury of having a bit of time to really focus on it all and I’m really quite excited!

So, the things I really want to try and do in the next few months:

  • Lots of blog work!
  • Get learning Spanish again – I started learning it about 2 years ago and I LOVE it, it’s something I really enjoy doing. But the last few months I’ve been so lazy with it and not done any of my lessons. So it’s time to sort that out and get learning again. I will be multilingual!! That’s my goal.
  • Do more reading – I’m still trying to make my way through the Poldark novels and in recent months I’ve only been reading while I’ve been on holiday. I haven’t read anything while I’ve been at home. Time to change that and read more.

Plus there’ll be some planning for the new house too, although I’ve already done the important stuff like choosing what colour scheme I want in each room. Just need to pay for it all……

And of course, Christmas is coming! And there’s always more than enough to do in the run up to Christmas isn’t there? Let alone all the parties and get togethers and shopping and blah blah blah.

So there we have it. One house era ends and another will soon be beginning. But I’ve got plenty of plans in the intervening few months, plans which I hope I can achieve and that will continue on once I’ve moved into the new house and far beyond! Plus I’ve already got some plans forming in the back of my mind about things I’d like to get involved in once I’m all moved in to the new house – things that I don’t want to start while I’ve got temporary living arrangements. But I can also start planning those as well so that’s quite exciting too 🙂

Thanks for sticking with me while I’ve been blogging about boring house related things! I do appreciate you all following me and reading my posts still, it really means the world.

Much love! x

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