Life disruption!

Here we go with another house move related post! Moving house has literally taken over my life at the moment which is why I’m writing so much about it. But there is light at the end of the tunnel and after today, I’ve only got one more post planned before it’ll all go quiet on the house front for a few weeks!

When I made the decision to move house, it was obviously based on the fact that it was the right time for me to move to a bigger house, so it was all for the right reasons. But there was that little voice at the back of my mind saying “bad idea”. And the only reason it was going to be a bad idea was because the idea of packing everything up into boxes really filed me with dread.

It doesn’t matter how ready you are, moving is far more stressful than what you’d prepared yourself for. It completely disrupts your life and takes over every fibre of your being – you eat it, sleep it, repeat it! Every evening after work for the past 2 weeks and at the weekends as well, I’ve pretty much spent time doing something related to moving house. Mostly it’s been packing boxes, but its not just the actual packing that you have to think about. Perhaps I’d not really put too much thought into some of the other stuff surrounding selling the house!

There’s things like dealing with your estate agent, dealing with your solicitor, filling out endless forms and getting documents together. And then when it comes to packing, it’s not just a case of chucking stuff into boxes, you end up going through everything and deciding what you can throw out, what you want to/need to keep, as well as trying to pack stuff into the right boxes so that you can unpack everything in the right room when you get to the new house. Phew!!

And then there’s furniture. I’d decided that when I get to the new house I’d like all new colour schemes throughout the house and that means a fair amount of my current furniture doesn’t quite match what I want any more. So what could I do with it?? Sell it? Take it to the tip? Donate it? Well I’ve done all of that! Some stuff was really in need of just being binned, so I took it to the tip where they’ll be able to recycle almost all of it. And the stuff that’s in decent condition I’ve either sold or donated to charity.

When you’re doing all of that on your own as well, it just adds to the stress. There’s no one sharing it all with you to take some of the tasks. This is probably one of the only downsides to being single!

On the flip ide though, as I’ve been going through everything I have come across some little gems of furniture that I’d forgotten about and packed away into a deep dark corner of a cupboard, but are actually perfect for the new house! Yayyyyyy, result.

Now, unfortunately for me I’ll be moving house twice in the space of 6 or 7 months. But it’s this first bit of house moving that is the biggest stress-causing bit in my opinion. I’m packing everything up, putting it into storage and moving back in with my mum for a few months until the new house is finished. When I come to move into the new house, the majority of my possessions will still already be packed in boxes and all I’ll need to do is move them into the new house. There’ll just be a small bit of packing of the stuff that I’m taking to mums. So that’s quite a bit of stress taken away from the next house move in the middle of next year, thankfully.

This weekend is moving out weekend and at the moment I don’t really have any feelings about it. I’m not sad nor happy. I just know it’s going to be really tiring!

Throughout all this stress, I have managed to keep reminding myself that the end result of all of this is that I’ll have a lovely beautiful new house. A house that I’ve worked really hard to buy for myself and that I’m super proud of.

So despite all the major life disruption that comes with moving house, the best thing to do is remember that it won’t last forever. It’ll completely take over your life for several months, and that’s something you just need to accept whether you like it or not. But things will settle down again in time once you’re all moved in to your new place.

Ultimately, for me all the stress is all in a good cause and it is something I’ve chosen to do, so I can’t really moan about it. But I guess my overall message is if you’re going to move house, I genuinely think that no matter how much planning or organisation you do, it’s still going to be stressful = even if things go really quite smoothly, which thankfully so far they have for me!

And now I just cannot WAIT to move into my gorgeous new house! Here’s how it looks at the moment:


I love seeing it come together. Another few months and it’ll be everything I ever wanted in a house!

If you’re planning on moving in the near future, best of luck to you! Much love x

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