A new blogging start!

The past few weeks I’ve been a bit, errr, irregular with my blog posting! I definitely put it all down to the house move and having to organise so much in so little time. 

But although I’ve not had much time to actually write many posts, I have had time to think about my blog quite a bit, in between packing boxes!

When I first started the blog, I didn’t really have any idea what I was doing. I still don’t in some ways! But at the start I didn’t have any ambitions for it at all. It was just a means to write my thoughts down and try to encourage myself to dress better!

The more I wrote the more I enjoyed it. And the more blogs I read and the more I was seeing what fantastic work people do, I started wondering whether it was something I could get more involved in. Could I be a proper blogger as well as doing my day job??

A few months ago I wrote about a social media masterclass that I attended, run by the fabulous guys at Glossybox. And after that I came away with tons of ideas about what I could do with my blog. And since then I’ve kind of tried to be a better blogger but I don’t really think I’ve given myself any direction. I didn’t really know what I wanted to achieve.

Not so long ago I also wrote a post about how I felt I was doing as a blogger. And I said then pretty much everything I’ve just said above! And yet several weeks on, I don’t feel any further forward with the blog at all – although I have got several more followers, so thank you so much for choosing to follow me you lovely people!

So, where am I now? Well, more than ever I really do want to make something of my blog. That doesn’t necessarily mean becoming a full time blogger, but it does mean I want to keep increasing my following and writing good content about a whole range of things. I don’t want to blog about just one subject, because that’s not me! I want to just blog about the simple life of me. And if people want to come along for the ride that would be fantastic!

I’ve also always been quite conscious about posting blog related stuff to my personal social media accounts. Haven’t quite managed to figure out yet why I felt like that but I do. So what have I done about that? Well I’ve created new social media accounts for the blog and separated them from my personal accounts.

You can follow all my blogs social media accounts here:

Twitter: @ASimpleSpirit

Instagram: @asimplespirit 

I feel like this is a whole new start for my blog! I’m not changing the blog at all as I’m super proud of it as it is, all I’m doing is creating new channels to reach it. Channels which are separate from me as an individual. 

And now my excitement about blogging possibilities is back again! I know it’ll be hard to grown my Twitter and Instagram followers but I’m going to try and work so hard on making it all something that people will be interested in!

To all my existing followers – and there are now nearly 100 of you (which I’m proper chuffed at!!) – thank you so much for sticking with me and reading my posts! 18 months in I’m still learning, and I know I don’t have as much engagement as others who have only been blogging a couple of months. But I hope you’ll continue reading and I can write interesting, if not simple, content for you!

Thank you for being fab! Much love x

4 thoughts on “A new blogging start!

  1. I think you might be nervous to make a connection to your personal social media accounts with your blog is maybe you don’t want people from your everyday life to find this blog. There’s a lot of worry of judgement from others you know. Seeing a side of you that you have kept closely to yourself. It’s extremely understandable. I look forward to seeing what more you come up with for your blog xxx
    Melina | http://www.ivefoundwaldo.com

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