House move update #2

This week has been a super stressful week as far as my house move goes. As a very quick recap, I’m moving house to a new build which isn’t built yet, I got my timing all wrong and I’ve sold my house already so am moving back in with my mum for a few months while my new house gets built – phew!

The plan was to move out of my current house at the end of January. Then I’d have one last Christmas and New Year in my lovely little house, then move in with mum for 3-4 months and then move into my new place in the summer. All sounds lovely. Monday morning though, I got a phone call from my estate agent. My buyer has asked if I’d be willing to move out at the end of this month. THIS MONTH?!?!?! Oh my god.

Now then, I know I could have said no, but in all honesty it would be to my advantage to move out earlier as well as I’ll save an extra two months on paying bills. Winner. So I agreed.

Thing is though, I’m the type that likes to plan. I’m not one for planning everything down to a T because things always go wrong don’t they and I always think you have to have flexibility in your plans – which in this situation, is clearly a good thing! But I had a bit of a timeline set out for when I needed to start getting things done to move. Things like trying to sell the furniture that I don’t want to take with me. Like arranging storage for my belongings. Like being super organised with my packing so that I can pack stuff into boxes so they get unpacked in the right room in the new house (genius idea that btw!). But then all of a sudden, all the things that I was planning to do over the course of 2 months, I’m suddenly having to do within the next 2 weeks! And not only that, but mums house needs a bit of a clear out before I can move in, which again we’d planned to do bit by bit over a few weekends before the end of January.

So basically, to say I had a bit of an inner strop is an understatement! I kind of started feeling like I’d lost control of the situation and now I was being pushed into doing something that I wasn’t ready for.

In a slightly weird twist of fate, the Sunday before my estate agent rang I’d actually got a load of boxes ready and had in fact started packing a few of the bits that would be going into storage – the things that I’m really not going to need between now and moving into the new house. So maybe subconsciously I knew this was going to happen?! Who knows. Didn’t stop me getting slightly stressed about it all though!

I’m now 5 days on from agreeing to move out 2 months earlier than planned and I have calmed down a little bit. But not much. There is still a lot to do and not much time to do it all in. But I’ll manage it. I’ve got this!!

One tip I’ve got though, if you’re considering moving house – as mentioned above definitely try and pack everything up into boxes based on where you’ll unpack them in the new house. It makes it a bit more complicated when packing, but better that than having chaos in your new house unpacking things into the wrong room! I’m pretty sure this isn’t a new tip for some people, but I’m sharing it all the same! I haven’t yet benefitted from my own advice (obviously!) but I already know I’ve made things 100 times easier for myself once my new house is ready to move in to.

Happy weekend you fabulous people! Have a great one! Much love x

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