Time for a catch up!

I was looking back on some of my recent blog posts and I’ve realised that I haven’t written anything about clothes for quite some time. Oh my goodness. Considering clothes is one of my favourite things, I’m quite surprised at myself for not having mentioned it at all for all this time.

So let’s rectify that. Time for a clothing catch up.

There are two things that got me having a look back on some of the daily style pictures that I’ve been taking over the past 15 months or so. One is that because of moving house, I’m starting to go through all my clothes and figure out what I can pack away for a few months and it just got me reminiscing about some of the outfits I’ve worn. And the other is that winter is coming!

Winter is my absolute favourite season. I’m actually not a fan of the cold, I much prefer sun and heat, but I do adore the cosiness of winter. There’s something so comforting about the dark nights, snuggling at home under a blanket and dressing in really comfy cosy clothes. I LOVE big chunky cardigans, boots, bobble hats and big winter jackets. It all just makes me happy.

I remember this time last year I was struggling with how to style myself during the winter months. I’d always been one to just wear something easy, something I didn’t have to think about too much and I wasn’t happy with my own style. I just didn’t feel quite right. Basically even I thought I was boring. So after I’d made the effort to try and mix things up during the summer months with the variety in my style, I was determined to do the same with the autumn and winter months.

And to some extent, I think I did ok. Looking back on the pictures I think I managed to make more of an effort than I had done in any previous year. But I remember writing a post as the winter ended about how I thought I could have done better. I’d still been quite lazy basically. I felt better about how I’d dressed, but I didn’t feel like I’d quite understood what my own winter style was yet.

So how do I go about doing a better job this year? How do I understand what my style actually is and what is going to make me feel good?

Well first things first, I’ve put myself on a very strict spending ban. At the moment all my money has to go towards the new house so buying any new clothes is completely out of the question. That’s a bit disappointing in a way because during the winter months, my favourite shop is Gap as they always have fabulous winter clothes. And undoubtedly if I walk in there I’ll find loads of lovely things I want to buy. Having said that, I was lucky enough to buy heaps of winter clothes in there last year so I’m pretty much all stocked up on jumpers and chunky cardigans for at least the next 5 years! And after all, the house is more important, so no new clothes for Siany this season.

So that just leaves me with one option doesn’t it? Wear the clothes I’ve already got. Well, durrr, of course that’s my only option. But I’m determined to try and make everything look a bit different this year. Not buying anything new gives me the chance to work with my existing clothes and create some new outfits that I’ve never worn before. And not just new outfits necessarily, but wearing things in a different way can make old and tired outfits look completely new.

So this year, it’s a different kind of challenge for me. Creating new out of old rather than just buying new. And I’m quite looking forward to it actually!

As I always say though, the most important thing you can wear is your self confidence. And the only person who’s opinion matters on your style is you. If you’re comfortable in what you wear and you’re comfortable in your own style – whatever that style may be – then who cares if other people don’t like it? Everyone is individual and unique and that means they have their own individual and unique style.

So dress for YOU and not for anyone else, and enjoy creating your own individual style that makes you feel happy and super self confident. Even if that style is a very simple one like mine, it’s still unique, just like you 🙂

Much love! x

P.s there are new daily style pictures up in the photo gallery, in case you fancy having a look for some kind of inspiration on wearing basic and simple clothes 😉

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