House move update!

Yesterday was a really exciting day for me! In fact it was one of the most exciting days ever!! Because yesterday, I put a reservation down on a brand new house and I am beyond excited about it!

I’d been considering moving house for a few weeks before I actually took the plunge and put my house on the market. I’d ummed and ahhhed about it, trying to decide if it was the right thing, weighing up the pros and cons for both moving and staying put. And in the end I’d thought about it so much that I’d manage to talk myself into and out of moving multiple times. Overthinking can be a bad trait. It especially is for me!

Part of my decision making process was to decide what sort of house I wanted to move to. At the start all I knew is that I wanted a bigger house than I have now and I wanted a garden because I don’t have one at the moment. But at least I had an idea on what I wanted I guess! The next step was to speak to my mortgage lender to get an idea on what I could borrow, because how can you shop for something when you don’t know what you’re allowed to spend ;-)! And then I got some valuations on my house.

Everything was coming together and I had a fairly clear idea on what my budget was. So I started looking online to see what was about within my price range. At this point it was all just a bit of a pipe dream really, if I’m honest I wasn’t really expecting to be moving. But nevertheless I wanted to see what was around because you just never know do you!

I spent several evenings trawling through Rightmove to just get a flavour of what houses were available, prices, etc and then I stumbled on a couple of new developments around the town where I live. They looked really nice in the pictures but based on prices I didn’t expect that I’d be able to actually afford one. But despite that, I went to have a look at one of them and was quite keen on it. I did however come away feeling really quite disappointed because I just couldn’t afford it.

Or could I?

After doing a bit of research, I discovered that I could be eligible for the Help to Buy scheme, which hadn’t even crossed my mind before. I knew it was a scheme for first time buyers and I sort of remember it had been extended to be available to existing homebuyers looking to move to a brand new house. But it was one of those things that I didn’t ever think would apply to me so had never paid any attention to it.

As I was reading up on in it was looking more and more like I’d be able to use that scheme to purchase a bigger, brand new, super lovely house. To be honest it seemed too good to be true, and things that seem that way usually are! But in this case, it was good and it was true and I got a teeny bit excited that a new house was potentially within my grasp!

So then I started looking round at more new build developments with a vague idea on what my budget could be with Help to Buy. I found one place that I particularly loved and when the show home became available for viewing I was straight there! And I loved it! The same day I saw the adviser and my Help to Buy calculations were all run through and they all came out ok. I was like a little kid at Christmas.

So, pretty much two months ago today, I made the decision once and for all to sell my house and look to buy a brand new house. And that was a super scary decision to make, because once you’ve done it, there’s sort of no going back. Eeeek! I instructed an estate agent and within a couple of hours my house was on the market. Oh. My. God. And within just a few weeks I’d had several viewings and received an offer which I accepted!

Unfortunately the timing on moving out of my place and moving into a new house didn’t quite work. My house sold much quicker than I expected it would (bonus!) but the development that I’d kind of set my heart on wouldn’t be available to move into until next autumn. Well you can imagine all the thoughts running through my head…….what the hell am I going to do now?! Look for somewhere else? Wait? Where do I live?? ARRRGGGHHHH!

I started looking around at some of the other developments to see what else was available as I really didn’t want to wait until the autumn for a new house. Especially as I’d already sold mine, oh my god!! And it’s a good job I did look around because I’ve ended up finding my PERFECT house. It was a bit more expensive than the original one I’d set my heart on, but actually it suited me way better and I was drawn to it in a way that’s a bit difficult to describe. All the things that I’d liked about all the other ones I’d seen all seemed to be rolled into this one house! And the sales people I spoke to were really excellent. And within the space of 24 hours, that was it, I’d decided that would be my new house.

So yesterday, I went to make my reservation and sometime between April and June 2018, I’ll be moving into my brand new house!!!!! It’s not even built yet but I already know that I’m going to love it as much, if not more, than I love my current house.

That was the second scary decision I’d made in a matter of weeks. Now that I’ve reserved it that means I’ve committed to buying it and I actually have to part with some money! That’s what I’m finding scary. But oh my god, what a great adventure this is going to be! In the meantime though, it’s back to living at mums for a few months from January until the new house is ready.

I’m so incredibly lucky to be in this fortunate position – to have been able to buy this beautiful new house is far beyond what I ever expected, especially at only age 35! Grateful doesn’t even come close to how I feel!

Now I can start thinking about the really important things, which naturally are décor, furniture and where I’m going to store all my clothes.

I’m definitely a believer in everything happens for a reason. And there was a reason things didn’t quite work out with the original development I liked – it was because this one was meant for me I reckon 😉

Exciting times! Thanks for sticking with me until the end of this rather long post! Much love to you all and happy weekend 🙂 x

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