Pre holiday round up

I try not to write posts on consecutive days, but I’m off on holiday tomorrow and I wanted to make sure I’d written all my planned posts before I go away! And I figured it was about time I did a bit of a general round-up type of post.

The natural thing to start with is an acknowledgement that summer is finally over (did it ever start?!). I know I’m a bit late to the party here as almost every one else has written about autumn starting already, but I’m throwing in my two pennies worth on the subject! I actually think autumn might be favourite season. There’s just something a bit special about all the leaves falling off the trees and the weather starting to turn a bit colder and the nights drawing in.

Do you know what’s not cool about autumn though? House spiders. As summer comes to a close they start taking up residence in your house. Luckily ***touching lots and lots of wood*** I haven’t yet encountered one in my house this season, but it’s only a matter of time. And I swear every year they get bigger, so I’m dreading finding one crawling across the floor pretending to be all innocent.

Next up is a quick catch up on this months Glossybox. I was away when it was originally delivered and after a little bit of wheelie bin drama (long story!) I finally got it and after opening it, I. LOVE. IT.


Loving the brow tamer. I’ve tended to use clear mascara for my eyebrows as the gel I used years ago was discontinued and I couldn’t find another one anywhere. So am chuffed to get one in the box this month!

The rose body mist smells so beautiful. Quite strong so best to only use a little bit. But at least it’ll last longer the less you use! And am so pleased with the mini cleanser kit too.

Basically, another cracking month from Glossybox and I’m so happy I chose it to subscribe to it!

If you head over to the photo gallery I’ve added daily outfit pictures for the past 4 weeks. As usual there isn’t anything overly spectacular to see, but if you’re like me and just like to dress simply using basic items from your wardrobe and mixing and matching them up to create something different everyday, then maybe you’ll get an idea or two from the pictures.

I’m completely in love with the blush coloured jumper from the most recent picture. A fabulous find from a shop called NewYorker in Prague. I’ve also got it in khaki green and blue, because I’m the type that once I’ve found a jumper that I love, I want it in every colour! You can see the blue coloured one in the September week 1 picture.

I’ve always found the spring and summer months far easier to dress well for than the autumn and winter months. Autumn and winter can get a bit repetitive, wearing a jumper or a chunky cardigan everyday. I tried to be a bit more adventurous last winter and whilst I was happy in general with my winter style, I think I probably could have put more variety into what I wore. So there’s something I can work on this autumn/winter.

So, as I mentioned at the start, I’m off on holiday again tomorrow, yayyyyyy. I know I only just got back from an amazing week in Paphos, but you know, why not go away again if you can?! So I am. And tomorrow I head to Toronto!

That means there’ll be no blog posts from me for the next couple of weeks, mostly because I haven’t yet got to grips with this whole scheduling of posts thing yet. Nor have I even found the time to write the posts to schedule in the first place!  That’s definitely one thing to work on over the coming weeks!

If you’re at all interested in keeping up to date with my Canadian adventures, then I’ll be posting stuff on Instagram and Instagram Stories if you want to give me a follow!

Until next time you lovely people, much love! x

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