Holiday saviours!

As you’ll have seen from previous posts, I absolutely adore going on holiday, and I particularly love the beach. It’s my favourite place. Listening to the waves breaking on the shore and staring out on to the horizon watching the sunrise and the sunset is so calming.

As good as all that is though, the combination of sun, sun cream, sweat, sand and sea water all make for a troubled time for my face and skin.

But I have managed to find a few products that this year have been complete saviours for my skin, and I’ve come back from holiday without heaps of spots or patchy sunburn. Result!

First product then is this fabulous after sun soothing cream that was in my August Glossybox.


I’m really good at wearing suncream because my skin is quite fair so I know I can burn easily. But there is always the odd occasion when you miss a bit, or if you’re like me you’re just susceptible to a bit of sunburn regardless of how much cream you wear! Well this product was amazing at soothing sunburn. I didn’t get badly sunburnt at all, far from it, but there were a couple of nights when a couple of areas of skin had got a little bit red. I put this cream on before bed and by the morning it was all better and was beautifully moisturised.

Not only that but it soothed a heat rash I got on my hand and helped to ease a couple of nasty spots I got on my chin (from before I went on hols!)! So naturally, I think this cream is the bees knees, so huge thanks to Glossybox for the introduction to it.

Next up, Peppermint Foot Spray from the Body Shop.


Probably seems a bit of a weird thing to rave about, but it’s truly magical stuff! When you’ve been walking around in the heat for hours, or your feet have just got overheated, this stuff is really great. Once you’ve sprayed it on, it takes a couple of minutes to work but then you can really feel them cooling down and it is such a fab feeling!

Then there’s this seaweed toner also from The Body Shop.


I use this at home as well, not just on holiday, but sometimes stuff you use regularly at home doesn’t always work so well in the heat and humidity. But this really did! It kept my skin lovely and clean and fresh after a long day in the sun. To be honest, it’s got a weird smell what with it being seaweed, but I wouldn’t be without it now!

Here’s a little something I picked up in Cyprus:


A sea sponge! Quite a bit more expensive than your regular sponge you’d get in a shop, but do you know what, it’s amazing! Really great for getting off all the excess sun cream and sweat after being out in the sun all day. I’m sure a normal sponge would do the same job, but it’s extra soft and I’m convinced it’s got some magical cleansing powers because it’s grown in the sea!

And one last thing – my coconut shampoo and conditioner:


This stuff truly kept my hair lovely and hydrated throughout the whole holiday, despite it being subjected to sun cream all round the edges, loads of sweat (urgh!) and being tied up all day every day. Couldn’t ask for more!

And just as an extra treat, here’s a little picture of the resident cat at the hotel I was staying at, deciding whether or not it was a good idea to get in the pool. I’m pleased to say her decision was to not get in the pool and she made herself comfortable laying by the side of it instead.


What a little cutie!

Until next time folks, happy weekend! x

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