A week in Paphos

Today is my first day back at home after spending a fabulous week in Paphos, Cyprus. And it’s been a bit of a shock to the system! After a week in flip flops, bikinis, shorts and dresses, on my first day back in the UK I’ve had to resort to a big cosy jumper and fluffy socks! But I guess that’s what happens when you have a holiday in mid September and you live in the UK!

I’ve mentioned before that I LOVE travelling. I’m not one for back packing or anything like that, but I genuinely love visiting different countries whether it be on a city break or a beach holiday. I really just want to see and experience as many places as I possibly can.

I’ve visited Cyprus before, the last time in 2014. Paphos is on the “quiet side” of the island, quite far away from the well known party town of Ayia Napa. And it’s very popular with British tourists, which given that it used to be a British colony is not to be unexpected. And there are many things the same in Cyprus as in Britain – they drive on the same side of the road as us for example, have the same traffic light system, road crossings and plug sockets (no European adapter needed!).

Paphos is on the Greek side of the island, and as much as there is a lot of British influence, there is far more Greek. The language for one! So holidaying in Cyrpus for a Brit, is sort of like being at home whilst still being foreign enough to know you’re on holiday. And obviously one big difference is the weather – pretty much guaranteed sunshine and high temperatures in Cyprus, whereas not so much in the UK!

So what is there to do in Paphos? Well there’s plenty of historical things to visit for a start. The mosaics in Paphos harbour are an amazing collection of ancient Roman mosaics that have been excavated over a fairly large area not far from the sea shore, dating back thousands of years. Genuinely worth a visit, as I’m sure there aren’t many places in the world now where you can visit such artefacts. Especially ones that are still in the original place they were found.

There’s also a superbly preserved Roman amphitheatre, which makes for a cracking picture, especially with the British colonial lighthouse sitting just behind it!


Then there’s the Tombs of the Kings. This is an area where they have uncovered the ancient burial grounds of former Governors of the island and their families, again dating back to the Roman and Hellenistic periods. You can even walk into some of them and it’s quite something to see. Most definitely worth a visit.


The Catacombs is another historical place – I’ve never visited this before and even this time we only paid a fleeting visit so didn’t see the whole thing. There is an underground church and some underground chambers along with a sacred tree with hundreds of pieces of cloth hanging from it. The story that goes along with this place is quite something, but I’ll leave you to Google it for yourself 😉

Of course with it being by the sea there is a beautiful harbour with plenty of bars, tourist shops and opportunities for a boat trip out into the sea to see sea turtles and old ship ruins – the sorts of things you’d expect from a thriving tourist area. Paphos castle is also worth a quick visit. It’s not very big at all but there are some stunning views from the top, across the harbour and out to the Mediterranean sea.

If, like me, you’re a fan of the beach, there are plenty of those as well. A short bus ride away is Coral Bay and if you’re happy to take a fairly long walk along a coastal path from the harbour, you’ll come across Lighthouse Beach. I personally could sit by the beach all day and just listen to the sound of the waves breaking and washing up on the shore – it’s genuinely my favourite sound ever! So taking a stroll along this path listening to the waves is just perfect for me, as is just sitting in the beach bar!


There are plenty of restaurants in the harbour where you can get a spot of dinner in the evening, and catch a beautiful sunset picture:


Whilst I do love going away on all my adventures, there’s nothing quite like getting home! Even if the weather is pretty cold and miserable. And now to get ready for the next adventure – in just a few days I’m off to Canada!

Until next time folks – much Cyprus love to you! x

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