Afternoon tea London bus style!

You can’t get anything more typically British than afternoon tea. And earlier this week I unleashed my full Britishness by having afternoon tea on an old school London bus!

Afternoon tea is a past time that seemed to be a thing of the past, confined to the memory of the English upper and middle classes of a bygone era. But in the past few years it’s experienced a bit of a revival and is now something that all types of people tend to do as a bit of a treat. It’s certainly been helped along by the creativity and variety of the types of afternoon tea now available to experience.

I came across the London Bus tour at the Ideal Home Show earlier this year. And when my mum mentioned she’d seen in on a TV show as well, I figured it must be pretty good. Then I had a bit of a lightbulb moment and thought “what a great thing to do for an occasion of some sort”. An occasion such as a birthday for example. So I booked it for mums birthday.

So what was it like?

It was actually a really great day! Its run by Brigit’s Bakery, a little French patisserie which has a little salon in Covent Garden as well as the bus tour plus multiple other experiences. I tend to be quite fussy with food and stuff so I’m not always a fan of the sandwiches and cakes that make up afternoon tea. But the little treats on this tour were fabulous and I enjoyed pretty much all of it (the mini chocolate muffins were especially delicious!).


It was a bit tricky trying to drink tea on a bus when London roads aren’t always the smoothest in the world. But the tea comes in a sealable cup so you don’t spill it everywhere and we got to keep the cup afterwards which was a great touch! The tour lasted an hour and a half and went round some of the most iconic buildings in central London and had a commentary as you went round. I even learned some new stuff about London that I’d never known before, so it really was a great experience.

If you’re looking for a different kind of afternoon tea to do, I’d highly recommend it!

As it was mums birthday, I also finally got to reveal where we’re going on holiday later this month, after keeping it a secret for about 7 months. And we’re off to…………Canada!! Yay! We’ll be visiting both Toronto and Vancouver and we’ve got a bunch of stuff planned including tickets to the Invictus Games! Posts to come all about that trip in a few weeks.

But first, I’m off on another holiday (I’m a very lucky girl!) to Cyprus! This time with my Dad. I honestly am so looking forward to this, a bit of chill time in the sun in beautiful Paphos will be very welcome.

I’m sure I’ll be posting plenty of stuff on Instagram from Cyprus, so why not give me a follow @sianbardsley so you can keep up with my adventures.

Until next time folks, much love! x

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