Stuck in a style rut?

There are all sorts of times in life where we feel we’re a bit stuck in a rut. For me, the most common time that I’ve felt like that is in how I dress. In fact, as I’ve mentioned several times before in previous posts, that was the precise reason I started this blog. I had tons of clothes but stuck to wearing the same sort of thing over and over again and I was letting good clothes go to waste because I wasn’t making the most of them. So I did something about it, by doing a bit of an experiment on what I wore. Many months later, here I am!

As you’ll probably have figured by now, I’m quite a simple dresser. I like simple, basic items that I can throw together to create a nice simple, basic outfit that looks and feels great in equal measure. And when I say “throw” together, I like to think that I do put a little bit of thought into the majority of my outfits – but let’s be honest, we all have days where it’s just necessary to look a bit crap. Because that’s just life!

But how do you stop yourself getting stuck in a dressing rut in the first place? Or if you’re already there, how do you get out of it? Are you just wearing the same old outfit many times and you’re a bit bored of your clothes? Well 12 months or so ago that was me.

I’ve always loved clothes and in particular I’ve loved buying new clothes, and I’ve always tended to dress quite simply. But if I found an outfit that I liked, I’d stick to it. I wouldn’t attempt to try and mix things together to create something new. Part of the reason for that was because I didn’t really know how, but it was mostly because I was just lazy!

Whilst I still do dress simply, I now pride myself on not wearing the same outfit twice. I wear the same items multiple times over, but I try my best to not wear the completely same outfit more than once. And I think that’s quite key to keeping things fresh and injecting a bit of life into your wardrobe – it certainly has been for me anyway!

Sometimes it’s just a case of switching the colour of the jeans you’d normally wear, or just wearing a different pair of shoes. Changing one item in an outfit can make it look really quite different. And you’d be surprised how many times people will say to you ” is that a new top?” or “is that a new jacket?” if you just change one item – even if you’ve worn that item loads of times before.

I’m always really pleasantly surprised when people compliment me on my clothes or how I look, or notice that I’m wearing something new – it’s such a lovely thing for someone to notice and to take the time to tell you and it’s a great confidence booster! But most of the time what I’m wearing isn’t actually new, it’s something I’ve worn many times before, just in a different way.

However much you try to mix up outfit combinations though, there will always be some outfits you wear that you really like and you think to yourself “I’ll wear that again”. I’m no different, there’s a couple of outfits in particular from the past two weeks that I’ve thought that of. The first one is here:


A slouchy jumper from Gap Outlet and a pair of ripped jeans also from Gap Outlet. This was an outfit that at the time I felt a bit like I’d chucked together. It was a Sunday (and miraculously the sun was actually shining in England that day), I was only popping out of the house for an hour or so and so minimum effort required as far as I was concerned. But actually, it turned out to be one of my favourites from the last few months. And it’s definitely one that I’ll wear again.

Having said that, it would also be easy to mix it up a bit and wear it during the autumn/winter as well as in the summer. All it would need to autumnify it would be something like a long sleeved roll neck top underneath and a pair of boots and jobs a good’un!

Another favourite which I know for sure I’ll wear again is this one:


Three of the simplest items you’ll ever have = black skinny jeans, white t-shirt, denim jacket. Simple yet classic. You can’t go wrong with any of those three items, but when put together they make a cracking outfit for any day of the week.

So if you feel like you’re stuck in a rut, my advice would be to look at your wardrobe, pick out a few basic items and then team them up with something you’ve never worn them with before. You’ll be surprised how you can make something old look like something new just by wearing it with something different than you normally would.

Pinterest is great for getting ideas for this kind of thing. If you need some inspiration and you have some spare time, take a peek around there and you’ll find tons of ideas from other people – things you may never have thought of before and combinations that you can make out of things you already own.

The rest of the last two weeks outfit pictures are up in the photo gallery if you fancy taking a look. You never know, there might be an idea there for a new outfit for you! If there is then I’m pleased to have provided some inspiration for you!

Do you know what I’d really like though? To wear some actually proper summer clothes. I want to wear shorts. I want to wear my lovely summer dresses. But the weather this summer has been so awful there are times when I’ve actually had to wear a JUMPER to work. In August. What the..?!?!? That’s the wonderful British summer for you.

I’m heading off for a weekend away tomorrow, woooo! I’ll add some pictures and stories to Instagram from my adventures, so give me a follow (@sianbardsley) if you want to see what I get up to!

Until next time though, happy dressing! Much love x

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