Monthly beauty delivery!

Would you believe it, It’s that time of the month again. Yes, the middle of each month means it’s Glossybox time! I’ve said it before, but I’ll say it again – I never expected that I would ever get even the slightest bit excited about beauty related products, and yet here I am, 5 months into my subscription and my excitement just keeps growing!

It’s definitely the not knowing what’s in the box bit that excites me the most, as well as wondering whether there’ll be anything in it that I can actually use. Every month so far the boxes have been great and I’ve used pretty much everything. Well worth the money!

So this month, was a summer themed box, containing some great summer goodies. It only arrived on Thursday (and it’s Sunday today) so I haven’t had a chance to try much of it out yet. But I suspect I’ll love all of it! There was a dry shampoo and conditioner from Batiste, a hair cooling mask, a lip pencil, a fixing face mist, a bronzer and a cute little bracelet.

thumbnail_IMG_20170810_180357_688I’ve used dry shampoo before but never a dry shampoo and conditioner so I’m looking forward to giving that a go. The rest of the bits are not things that I wouldn’t naturally have thought to go searching for or choose to buy myself, including the bronzer and the lip pencil! I don’t use bronzer at all and have never owned one in my life (yes, I know that’s a bit odd!) but I’ll definitely try this one out. And the lip pencil is a matte colour which I’ve never thought really suited me, but I have already tried that out and it’s great and will be used many more times! It’s a fab colour for me as well as it’s quite neutral.

And this is why subscription boxes are, in my opinion, a really great idea for people like me. Well, I guess they’re great for lots of different people, but from my perspective it gives me a glimpse into the beauty product world without having to spend loads of money. As I’m not someone who naturally uses loads of beauty products, it’s really perfect for me. There have certainly been a few bits that I intend to buy as a result of them being in the box, and so from the brands perspective that’s their job done!

I also mentioned in a previous post that I’m looking for other subscription type boxes to maybe sign up to. Non beauty ones though, as I’m so chuffed with the one I’ve already got I see no reason to subscribe to another one. So if anyone has any recommendations for other subscription boxes, then please let me know!

On a slightly separate note, I just had to share my new pyjamas that I bought today:


HARRY POTTER ONES! I know HP pyjamas are not a new thing but still, aren’t they fab! From Primark if anyone wants to know 🙂 And I’m currently wearing them whilst writing this post and watching Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1 on telly.

Hope you’ve all had a great weekend and have the best week ahead. Much love x

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