Let’s talk about dungarees

Before we talk about dungarees actually, can we just take a moment to have a serious moan about the truly abysmal weather we’ve got in the UK right now?! I know us Brits are known for talking about the weather a lot, but at the moment we have good reason to moan.

I kid you not, it hasn’t stopped raining for about 3 days. All of August and the second part of July has been grey, miserable and showery and the temperatures have been below the seasonal average. I’ve actually had to resort to wearing jumpers. Honestly. If ever there was a stereotypical British summer, we are experiencing it right now.

We probably don’t have that much to moan about when you look at some of the problems they’re having in southern Europe with the heatwave. Nonetheless we are going to moan about the rubbish weather we’ve got and nothing is going to change that!

Moan over!

Anyway, I was going to write a post about the last two weeks outfit pictures and I thought rather than talk about the last two weeks in general, lets’ just focus on one particular item that I wore on one of those days – dungarees. Something that reminds me of the 80s and early 90s and not something that I ever expected to make a comeback. I and many others I expect! Not only that, but I never thought I’d actually like them and I certainly never expected to ever own a pair again. Well much to my amazement, I own a pair and shock horror, I LIKE them!

I actually first bought a dungaree dress last year. Nothing too fancy, just a plain black denim dungaree dress. I had to really convince myself to buy it because I had it in my mind that anything dungaree related was a little bit too ‘out there’ for me. But I went ahead and bought it and thank goodness I did because and I love it. I’ve not worn it in a while though – maybe it needs to make a reappearance in the next couple of weeks.

Once I’d decided I liked the dress I felt like maybe an actual pair of dungarees (trouser ones) wouldn’t be such an awful idea. I’d seen lots of pictures of dungaree outfits on Pinterest and really liked them and figured that dungarees didn’t actually look like an item that should have stayed in the 80s – they look great in this day and age too. Who knew?!

I had an idea of the type of ones I wanted though, and could I find any anywhere?? No, no I could not. I was very specific that I wanted skinny leg ones and I wanted a mid to light blue denim pair because in my head they would suit me best given my figure and colouring. I spent ages looking for some with no luck. And I started to think that by the time I’d found some they’d have probably gone out of fashion again.

In the meantime I had found a pair of dungaree shorts in a shop in Prague that I fell in love with. Dark blue denim this time and truly perfect. So I purchased them too!

And then I went to New York. There I was just browsing around Forever 21 when there they were – the pair of dungarees that I never even knew I wanted. They weren’t skinny leg ones, and they weren’t mid or light blue denim. But they were, in the end, exactly what I wanted! And here they are:


And now I’m a bit of a dungaree convert. It’s so easy to put an outfit together with a dungaree dress, shorts or trousers – all you need is a t-shirt, vest top or even a jumper, along with a pair of trainers or sandals and you’ve got yourself a really great casual outfit suitable for pretty much any day of the week and in any season.

All of my outfit pictures from the past 2 weeks are up in the Photo Gallery. Apart from the dungaree day, my other favourite is the Mickey Mouse t-shirt. A bargain from Primark for £6 and put with a pair of dark jeans, a simple black jersey bomber jacket and some black heels you get a great outfit for dinner out or a night with friends!

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Thanks for reading! Much love x

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