Poldark love!

Tonight sees the final instalment of Poldark series 3 on BBC One and, well, that’s my Sunday evenings ruined!

Ok so that’s being a bit overdramatic but Poldark is one of those series that I really love watching. In fact I love it so much that I’ve been reading the books and I’m desperately trying to stay ahead in reading them before the TV series is on! And it’s the only tv series at the moment that I have any genuine interest in and really don’t want to miss. I make a point of making sure everything is done and settling down at 9pm to watch it.

Funnily enough I didn’t watch the first series when it was aired. Well, I managed to catch the final episode I think and was so intrigued, I caught up on all on the rest of the seven episodes in the space of about 2 evenings! It was a series that certainly captured my imagination. It also helps that Aidan Turner plays Poldark, and let’s be honest, he’s fairly easy on the eye isn’t he?!

My love of Poldark is probably also a lot to do with the fact that it’s set in Cornwall, which is one of my absolute favourite places in the world. The scenery they’ve shot for the show is utterly stunning and it brought back memories of the beautiful Cornwall I visited as a child.

If you’ve seen the show or read the books you’ll know that Poldark is set in the late 18th century and is primarily about Ross Poldark, the son of a mine owner in North Cornwall and part of an ancient Cornish family who are very well respected in the area. He hopes to marry a beautiful girl, Elizabeth Chynoweth, until he’s sent to war in America. When he returns, he finds that the family had believed him to be dead, his father had passed away and Elizabeth engaged to be married to his cousin Frances. The story then follows the lives of Ross, the other Poldarks, and the turbulent times of life in 18th century Cornwall, introducing plenty more characters along the way.

I find the story quite fascinating. It covers many different aspects of life from 200 years ago – the divide between the poor and the wealthy, the treatment of women, politics, emotion, family loyalties, personal loyalties, friendship, feuds, formalities and manners, you name it! And that’s what I think makes it so good, plus you get to explore the lives of multiple characters who are all very different.

There are 12 books in the series and I’m currently on book seven. I’ve been exceptionally lazy recently though and haven’t read as much as I want to. The current series 3 of the tv series covers books 5 and 6 and so I’m just ahead of the series! Series 4 of the tv show is I believe currently in production so if I want to stay ahead of it, I best pull my finger out and get reading! The good news is that with a couple of holidays coming up I should be able to do heaps of reading and getting well ahead.

Poldark is a series that I would highly recommend – whether you’d prefer the tv series or reading the books is up to you but they are both as equally as good as each other. The tv show is, for the most part, very true to the books.

Once I’ve finished reading Poldark I’m going to read Jamaica Inn by Daphne Du Maurier – another book set in Cornwall! And then after that I plan to try and read The Lancashire Witches again. I tried to read that when I was a teenager and found it very hard going because a lot of the conversations between the characters are written in old Lancashire dialect which I struggled with, even though I’m from Lancashire originally! But I’d like to read it as the story of the witches is something else that intrigues me.

So, after tonight my Sunday evenings watching Poldark will be over and I’ll have to find something else to fill the time. Booo.

Happy Sunday everyone! Much love 🙂

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