10 of my favourites

I started writing this blog well over 14 months ago now. As you may have read in previous posts, originally I started writing it to encourage myself to start wearing more of the hundreds of items of clothes that I had in my wardrobe, particularly because I had just brought several more items back from the US to add to the mountain of clothes I owned.

It wasn’t until August though that I found the confidence to actually start taking pictures of what I was wearing each day and putting them out into the public forum. Which is a bit of a weird thing isn’t it because I wear clothes every day and loads of people see what I’m wearing – but taking a picture of what I was wearing and putting it on social media required a seriously high level of confidence! Random!

I don’t think I ever dressed badly by any means but I didn’t make the most of all the fab items I owned and I was stuck in a rut. And anything new that I bought was very basic, simple and non-adventurous.

But since I did my August style experiment in 2016 I’ve actually come to love my basic simple style. I own lots of basic individual items and I’ve taught myself how to put different outfits together to look and feel great in myself. My outfits are still as simple as they’ve ever been but they do at least have a bit more variety to them now. Plus for the most part I enjoy figuring out what to wear each day.

So as we enter August again I thought I’d celebrate by taking a look back and picking out my 10 favourite outfits from the past 12 months.

In no particular order, here they are:


From just a few weeks ago, I wore this for a wedding. I just love everything about this dress! Not something you could wear everyday but perfect for an occasion.

thumbnail_20170801_203908Whole outfit from one of my favourite shops, Oasis. Perfect summer trousers with a simple cami and cardigan. Great for work or for a casual day out.

thumbnail_20170801_204002You can’t get more simple than this outfit but I actually love it. Basic shirt, basic jeans and summer loafer shoes. Another great work or casual day out outfit.

thumbnail_20170801_204031My favourite pair of ripped jeans teamed with a simple black t-shirt and black jersey bomber jacket and my favourite pair of Toms. Love this whole look!

thumbnail_20170801_204102This was one of those outfits that I surprised myself with. Simple again – it’s just a shirt a pair of jeans and a pair of heels. But I genuinely felt great and it all went together so well!

thumbnail_20170801_204133Got the idea for this outfit from Pinterest. I would never have thought to put grey navy and white together but it works so well.

thumbnail_20170801_204155Another one where I surprised myself. Girlfriend jeans, patterned shirt, navy blazer and Converse. Casual but still a bit smart. Great for the office!

thumbnail_20170801_204237LOVE. THIS. DRESS. It’s from another of my favourite shops, Gap. A simple wrap dress. Nothing more or less than that, teamed with my new favourite sandals that I picked up at Old Navy in New York.

thumbnail_20170801_204300Different pair of Girlfriend jeans, logo t-shirt and blazer with loafers. Love this casual look!

thumbnail_20170801_204318I’d spent ages looking for a decent white/cream blazer and couldn’t find one in the UK anywhere. And then I found this beauty in Prague and it was exactly what I wanted. Perfect for a casual day out or teamed with something more formal. Love it with these ripped jeans, grey cami and sandals.

So after 12 months of documenting my daily outfits, am I going to stop doing it? No! I find it a great way to keep myself motivated in mixing up my outfit choices and preventing myself falling into a black hole of complete outfit boringness!

I add all my favourite outfits to Pinterest so if you fancy taking a look at some more then head there for a sneaky peek. Link to my Pinterest account, as well as all my other social media accounts on the home page 🙂

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