New name!

Over the past few weeks I’ve been thinking about my blog quite a lot. There’s an interesting fact for you…..not! But nevertheless, I’ve been putting quite  lot of thought into it, because something hasn’t been quite right and I was having trouble figuring out what it was.

And then it hit me – it’s the title. The title is all wrong and it’s been subconsciously bugging me for ages. I came up with “The Simply Styled Average Single Girl” when I first started writing the blog and at the time it seemed ok. It described me pretty well – I was single, I had a simple style and I considered myself pretty average really. So a fairly accurate description, right?

Well to be honest, all of those things are still true. I’m still single (happily so), I’ve still got a simple style (if you’ve read my blog posts you’ll realise that!) and I’m still your average 35 year old girl trying to make her way through life.

As I’ve got more used to doing this blogging thing and as I’ve learnt more about it all, I’ve realised that even something as small as giving yourself the wrong ‘title’ or name can, in a weird kind of way, restrict what you write or blog about. It can give people the wrong idea about you and what you like or dislike and what matters to you. I felt like I should only be writing about having a simple style, or being single or being average. And when I properly think about it, that’s not me at all.

What is me though, is my simple love of everything in life. There’s lots I enjoy, lots I like to do and lots I’d love to write about. So after trawling my way through a thesaurus for the most appropriate words to describe me, I stumbled across the word ‘spirit’. Now why didn’t I think of that before?! I mean it’s perfect!

I even looked it up in a dictionary to see what the proper definition is and one of the definitions is “the principle of conscious life”. And I had an epiphany. I’m the sort of person that doesn’t like to be tied down to anything. I am, if you like, a “free spirit”. So what could be more suitable? And of course I had to keep the “simple” tag line because, well, I’m a pretty simple person.

So there we have it, my new blog name is “The Simple Spirit”. And that’s what I am – Sian Bardsley, a simple spirit. And now I feel like I have more freedom to write about loads of different things and I’m not tied to writing about anything in particular. Hurrah!

It’s only taken me about 14 months to think of that…….not sure if that bodes well for my blogging abilities or not!

Thanks for reading. Much love! x

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