High Street love!

I’ve said this before and I’m sure I’ll say it many more times in the future, but I love shopping and I love clothes! It’s probably stating the obvious given the whole subject matter of my blog, but it does no harm to say it again!

And as you’ll have probably figured out if you’ve read any of my other posts, my style is a very simple one – it’s based on basic items that I can easily mix and match together to create great outfits, with a splash of fab one off items thrown in! And there is nowhere better for shopping for these items than the High Street.

The British High Street is full of fabulous shops covering a variety of styles, fashions and price ranges. And it’s definitely always good to shop around in as many different places as you can because you never know what you might find and you might be inspired by something new. But I’m sure everyone has one or two favourite stores that they frequently visit, and I am no different.

My current favourites are Gap and Oasis. In fact, they’ve been my favourite stores for a long time, but my love for them has been reignited over the past 12 months or so. And the great thing is that they are quite different in their clothing ranges, which adds to the variety for me!

So what is it about Gap that makes me such a big fan? Well to start with, their overall casual style of clothing really appeals to me. They always seem to have a way of creating great clothes for every season that really captures the spirit of that season. The quality of the clothes is really excellent and they just seem to be able to create their own style whilst still remaining on trend.

The clothes are really hard wearing and of a great quality and they last such a long time, and I’ve never had a problem with sizing either. Plus you can’t beat good quality denim which Gap are great for.

And (I’m showing my age here!) they wash really well. All of the Gap clothes I own are all cold gentle cycle wash, which actually reduces the amount of time needed in the washing machine. Can you believe I’ve even just said that?! Me neither, but it’s true and is a huge positive thumbs up.

Now to be honest, Gap can be really quite expensive. But I would definitely recommend signing up to receive emails from them because they regularly send out fabulous deals which significantly reduce the price of lots of different items. In addition if you download their app you get a little extra discount on purchases as well. What’s not to love?!

One thing you won’t find in Gap is anything super smart. For example if you were looking for a dress for ladies day at Royal Ascot, Gap is not the place to go! But that’s because it’s not their market, so, for me that’s where Oasis comes in!

Oasis always have such beautiful pieces, both casual and smart and they are very different to Gap – which is undoubtedly why I love both brands equally as much as the other.

And actually my reasons for loving Oasis are much the same as they are for why I’m a fan of Gap. As well as the fact that the items are just always so lovely, I’ve always found Oasis clothes to be of an excellent quality, they wash well and more importantly they always fit really well.

They’ve done some amazing collaborations recently and the items created for those ranges have been stunning. I bought a dress from their Royal Worcester collaboration collection recently which was a gorgeous cream and flowery midi length cold shoulder dress – I have nowhere currently to wear it, but it was an item I just had to buy because it was just so beautiful! And to be honest, even years from now, it’ll be a piece that still looks amazing irrespective of whatever other trends happen to be in fashion at the time.

And that’s what Oasis do so well – create items that you feel you just HAVE to have so you buy them whether you need them or not!

Plus just last year, I got an absolute bargain in their sale – a stunning pleated turquoise midi dress which is perfect for a summer event (in fact I wore it to a wedding last week – see picture below!), reduced to just £20!! I was incredibly lucky that they had any left in my size and chuffed to pieces to get it for such an awesome price! I will treasure that dress for a long time to come!


And so, my love for these two brands is likely to be alive for quite some time yet. But that doesn’t stop me from shopping around elsewhere as well. Variety is the spice of life after all, and I tend to think that if I only stick to shopping in a couple of shops I’m kind of restricting my choices. But equally everyone has their own style, their own favourite brands and you should absolutely shop in places that you love and that suit your particular style – whether that’s on the High Street or otherwise.

Happy shopping to you all!

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