Beauty product convert!

I find it quite an odd thing that I’ve only just, at the age of 35, started to get a bit of interest in beauty products. You normally get into that stuff when you’re a teenager right?!

But the truth of the matter is that I really have only just started to find a genuine interest in it. It’s not that I never wore make up or had never used any sort of beauty product before ever, I’d just always been really quite lazy about it. I suppose we all find new interests in things as we get older, this just happens to be mine! And what got me interested? Well it was Glossybox that got me interested!

I wrote about my first Glossybox delivery a couple of months ago, and how it was that I came to sign up for it. 3 months on and I’m still loving it! And I think I’m always going to love it because each month I’m so intrigued in what they’re sending me. And that’s the beauty of it (no pun intended there!) – not knowing what’s going to be in it, as well as not knowing what new things you might discover that you never knew existed. Everyone loves a surprise or a bit of intrigue don’t they!

The most exciting email I tend to receive each month is the one notifying me that my Glossybox has shipped! Inevitably I won’t be at home when Royal Mail attempt to deliver it so I usually have to wait an extra day to pick it up (booooo) but once I’ve got it, I’m like a child at Christmas! And I’ve no doubt there are plenty more people like me.

I’ve received 4 glorious little boxes so far – my free one from Gap and three of my subscription ones. And I’ve been completely surprised at how many of the items I’ve actually used over the past few months. Having been someone that never got particularly excited over beauty stuff in the past, I’ve actually now tried more beauty products in the past 4 months than I have in any of the past 20 years! So Glossybox, I applaud you for turning me into a beauty believer rather than a beauty sceptic, in just 3 short months!

This months box was a lovely summer inspired one and came in a beautiful summery coral coloured box. It contained 5 little gems – a Snail Essence facemask, a make up brush, hair ties, after sun moisturiser and Banana Powder. And yes, it does sound really quite weird, but believe me, it’s all fab stuff!


The great thing about getting one of these little boxes, which I wrote about on my previous Glossybox blog post, is that you get the opportunity to try out new stuff without having to properly buy it. And to be honest, I would genuinely have never actually bought anything that said snail essence on it, and I would never have bought banana powder, because, well….what the…?!?! And maybe I’ll never actually buy the full product, but I’ve tried them and who knows, maybe I’ll try another product by one of those brands. And that’s the aim of Glossybox isn’t it. So job done!

I’m definitely up for trying more monthly subscriptions like Glossybox. I’d like to try boxes that do stuff other than beauty as well. So I’ll have to do some research and see what other things I can find that take my interest! Any suggestions are very welcome though.

Much love!

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