Simply styled roundup

Life has been incredibly busy for me recently (which I love!) and whilst I’ve written quite a few blog posts, I have neglected writing posts about the very thing that I created this blog for in the first place – simply styled outfits! So I thought it was time for a roundup of the past few weeks outfits.

Now, being the simply styled person that I am, there will obviously be nothing spectacular about any of the outfits from the past few weeks. No showstopping items, no big designer pieces, no ridiculously expensive one offs. What there are though are plenty of high street basic items that when put together create nice simple outfits.

I love having simplicity in what I wear. I love having loads of individual basic items that I can mix and match together. I think it’s great to have one item that you can team with loads of other different things. Like a simple black t-shirt for example – you could wear that with any colour jeans, or any colour chinos, any colour shorts, or you could team it with a dungaree dress, dungaree shorts or a dungaree dress – you get the picture. That’s why I’m happy with my style. It may not be overly exciting but it suits me, and I’m happy with it.

I also have a lot of clothes. I mean seriously, A LOT. Doesn’t stop me buying more though on a regular basis (maybe I’ve got a shopping problem?!). But I do love wandering round my favourite shops looking at what I can buy and thinking about what’s already in my wardrobe(s) that I can team it up with. And if I’m not sure whether I should buy something, my general thought is that if I’m still thinking about it a while after leaving the shop then I definitely want it!

So, turning to the past few weeks. Here we go:

6 June 2017 wk2 pt1

Not the best pictures for this week. Clearly I was having a ‘denim’ week here! I am a massive fan of the denim dress. A beaut of a buy from Gap, perfect for the less warm summer days. And the picture on the right was the outfit I wore to the airport for my journey to New York. Just white jeans, a stripy lightweight t-shirt and a camel coloured cardi. Camel and white together are a fab combination for spring/summer (I tend to go for camel and black in the winter!) and teamed with a pair of converse it’s a very simple smart casual look.

6 June 2017 wk3

The dress on the left of this picture is one of my all time faves. Not sure the picture makes it look as good as it should, but I wore this to a wedding reception. Beautiful summer colour, beautiful shape, and perfect length for me as I’m really quite tall. It’s only a recent buy from Oasis, but it’s one of those dresses that I think because of the style, will look good for years to come.

The pale blue shirt is a new buy from Old Navy in New York. This was another simple outfit to put together – it’s literally just a shirt, a pair of jeans and a pair of loafers. But it looks really nice, and the pastel colour is lovely on a spring or a summer day.

6 June 2017 wk4

This was a bit of a overly casual week this week. That’s no bad thing, I don’t favour smart casual over casual casual! But I think I got a bit lazy towards the end of the week.

Loved the green top with black cardi, jeans and camel coloured chunky heel shoes. But equally I love the next outfit – a logo t-shirt with a blazer, boyfriend jeans and tan colour loafer shoes. That’s two quite different looks over two days – one very smart casual and one very casual casual! But I felt equally as good in both of them and ultimately that’s all that matters to me, feeling great.

And finally…

7 July 2017 wk1

My favourite by far is the black wrap dress. Another fab buy from Gap and something that you could wear in any season. Plus it’s something you could wear out or just during the day. Love it!

Also really liked the white blazer, ripped jeans, grey cami and sandals. Quite a fresh spring/summer look and something you can wear for pretty much anything! But again, items that you can mix and match – the white blazer could go with all colour camis or t-shirts, and the grey cami could go with multiple colour blazers or cardis.

And that’s what I mean about dressing simply and with basic items – there are so many options!

So on we go into another week. Hope you all have a good one! Much love 🙂

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