Celebrity Cup 2017

I love doing new things. And I love experiencing things I’ve never done before. And yesterday was a day where I got to experience something new – the Celebrity Cup golf event at the Celtic Manor Resort in South Wales. And what a fabulous day it was!

Going to a golf tournament has never been particularly high on my bucket list, but when I saw it advertised I figured it’d be a great day out, plus it was for charity so all in a good cause! So, in an effort to go somewhere I’ve never gone before, I booked the tickets. And I was not disappointed at all, it was a great day out.

It’s a home nations tournament – England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales – with 6 celebrities from those nations playing to be crowned champions. The event lasts all weekend but I was only there for the first day. The weather gods were smiling on us as it was a stunning day which just made the experience all the better. And Celtic Manor is a beautiful course, set in a truly beautiful part of South Wales!

I quite like golf as a sport, but I never found it particularly thrilling to watch if I’m honest. But yesterdays event was a bit different, it was very relaxed, full of fun, good banter between the players, the hosts and the crowd, and just generally a really enjoyable day. Plus – I actually ENJOYED WATCHING GOLF! Result.

On top of the great golf playing, the course was easy to get around on foot, the food was great and not as expensive as expected for such an event, and the celebrities were so good at stopping for autographs or pictures for those that asked. They were walking around amongst the crowd and everything, which just added to the relaxed atmosphere of the whole day.

Here’s a picture of the 9th hole to show how beautiful the place was:


Highlight of the day must have been watching, and being fairly close to, Gareth Bale. Yes that’s right, the Real Madrid and Welsh international footballer Gareth Bale, back in his home country. And I might be English (friendly rivalry and all that!) but I mean how often do you get that close to a high profile sportsman?! And he came across as a very nice bloke which was even better.

I absolutely hope to go again next year. I might even make a whole weekend of it next time and do both days! Great day, great place, great experience!

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