My New York experience!

It’s now been two weeks since I headed to away for a few days and following on from my last post about my newly found love of New York City, I wanted to write a bit more about some of the things I noticed that added to the whole experience.

So what sort of things were they I hear you ask?! Well;

  1. Drivers in NYC are crazy. I’ve driven in central London a few times before so I kind of get what it’s like to drive in a big city. Plus I’ve been in some other big cities where driving is a bit of a *challenge*. But I wasn’t expecting the level of craziness that there was in NY. There was traffic everywhere! People beep their horns constantly and seemingly for no reason. And stopping at traffic lights seems a bit of an inconvenience. Why stop at the line when you can stop 2 foot past it?!
  2. Pedestrians in NYC are even crazier. Particularly when it comes to crossing a road. Again, I know that crossing a road in a big city presents a few challenges for pedestrians when there is so much traffic. But people just walked out into the crosswalk while the big red hand was indicating ‘DO NOT WALK’. Oh my god, my heart stopped many a time watching people dodge the moving traffic!
  3. There’s a weird kind of indescribable smell. It’s not a smell that I’ve experienced in any other major city I’ve visited. It’s not a dirty kind of smell or anything, it’s just quite……unique.
  4. There really is steam coming out of the drains like in the movies/tv shows. Maybe that’s what the smell is?!
  5. There are quite big cockroaches. We only saw them one night when it was super hot and they kept crawling out the drains while we were waiting for our timeslot at Top of The Rock. And I kid you not, they were huge! At least it was only one night….
  6. Everyone was very friendly. Not that I expected anything different, but it was reassuring that there were so many friendly people who were willing to talk to you. Always adds a nice touch to the overall experience.
  7. All the tour guides live in Queens. Not sure if that’s strictly true, but of all the tour guides we encountered, they all lived in Queens!
  8. There are not many sign posts to the tourist attractions. There are some, but not as many as there could be. And with no access to Google maps when there was no WiFi, we had to resort to good old map reading! I didn’t always get that quite right but it’s all part of the adventure!
  9. Programmes at the theatre are free! Or they were at the show we went to. How amazing is that! Especially when they are quite expensive in the West End.
  10. The food is awesome. Well everywhere we ate was pretty awesome anyway, especially at breakfast time.

There’s still much about NYC that I’d like to experience, places I didn’t have time to see, and things I’d like to do. And I’d love to be able to know it well enough to find all the cute little quirky bars and restaurants like the locals do, as I just think that would be awesome. Maybe I’ll be lucky enough to visit again one day. Any offers welcome 😉

And to round off, here’s another of my favourite pictures that I took from the top of a tour bus as we were driving past a road;


Traffic = craziness!

Happy weekend you lovely lot, whatever you’re up to!

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