My new love – New York!

Firstly, let me start by acknowledging how absolutely terrible I have been at writing blog posts recently. It’s a terrible excuse to say that I’ve been busy and haven’t had time – but to be honest……I’ve been really busy and haven’t had time! Truth.

But me being busy has all been for good reasons. Had lots of things to do, places to be, things to experience and life to live! Plus work is crazy busy too, so combining everything with regularly working late…..well, you get the picture.

This time just one week ago I was making my way back from New York. That isn’t a good thing because I LOVED New York and would have liked to have stayed longer. But rather than be sad (because everyone gets holiday blues), I want to remember all the great things about it and share my experience with all you wonderful people!

So, what can you say about New York? Well firstly, everyone that I’ve ever spoken that has actually visited has always raved about it. And before I went, I had quite high expectations based on how good everyone else said it was. I wasn’t sure what to actually expect, but I was sure my friend and I would have a cracking few days there.

The break didn’t start so well when the baggage belts at Heathrow weren’t working on the morning we travelled. We arrived at Heathrow to be told it was unlikely we’d get to New York with luggage. Oh my days. But by a stroke of luck, the belts started working just as we approached the bag drop and we arrived in New York, albeit a couple of hours late, WITH LUGGAGE! Hurrah!

Then a mini adventure on the AirTrain from JFK to Jamaica Station, then the subway to 42nd Street, and a mile walk dragging suitcases along, we finally arrived at our hotel. We stayed at the Westin New York Grand Central, which was lovely. It was perfectly situated – right opposite the Chrysler building and Grand Central Terminal and just a miles walk to Times Square. After we’d settled in to our room on the 22nd floor, it was off out to explore!

We’d done our research on what we wanted to see while we were there, but hadn’t really made a plan on what to see on what day. And as we were only there for 4 nights, we knew we’d have to squeeze in as much as we possibly could. Before heading out there we’d bought New York Passes online – it’s a pass to loads of attractions which you pay for up front depending on how long you’re staying for, and you just use the pass to get into the attractions instead of having to pay at each attraction. It just means you can pay for stuff without having to take or use extra spending money, plus it actually saves you quite a lot of money on entrance fees. Highly recommended for anyone ever doing tourist stuff in New York!

The next three days we spent exploring all of Manhattan. And it was AMAZING! We ended up doing:

Big Bus Tour of Downtown Manhattan, saw Miss Saigon on Broadway (oh my goodness, brilliant show!), 9/11 memorial, Water Taxi, a walk down Wall Street, Battery Park, Statue of Liberty, Ellis Island, Central Park, Empire State Building, Macys, Top of The Rock (at night – stunning!), a walk down 5th Avenue, Madame Tussauds and a wander round Grand Central Terminal. Plus a bit of shopping. That’s quite a lot to see in three and a bit days but it was all totally worth it!

The funny thing I found is that New York looks exactly like it does in the movies or on the TV. It sounds silly to say it, but not everywhere is the same as what is portrayed on screen. But New York really is, even down to the steam that comes out of the drains from the subway!

For anyone thinking of visiting NYC, one thing I’d say is to be ready to do HEAPS OF WALKING. Lots of people had warned me about all the walking you need to do and I thought I was prepared. I don’t mind walking, in fact I can walk loads without moaning, but jeeeezzz, we walked A LOT. My feet were screaming. So be prepared!

I’ll be writing more on my New York experience in the coming few days, but for now, I’ll leave you with this picture, which to me sums up how I feel about my time in New York:


This just reminds me of freedom, living life to the full, having fun and experiencing amazing things. Something I will aim to continue to do for a very long time to come!

Happy Monday one and all! Much love 🙂


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