Crazy days

It’s funny how sometimes life just runs away with you. I didn’t even realise it had been 11 days since I wrote my last post until I came to write this new one. And my last post was talking about me turning 35 two weeks ago – honestly couldn’t tell you where those last two weeks went.

What I do know though, is the past couple of week have been slightly crazy.

Last weekend was my friends hen do which we celebrated in London. It was a brilliant weekend, (other than being a bit too close for comfort to the terrorist attack that weekend) but I didn’t get a great deal of sleep and when I got home on Sunday afternoon, I was absolutely shattered. Being so tired (and rather emotional!) the next two or three days I can honestly say that I had no interest in dressing myself in anything other than comfort clothes! Plus the weather was atrocious considering it’s June.

Thankfully for me, whilst we were close to where the attacks happened, we weren’t anywhere near as close as we could have been, and my heart absolutely goes out to all the people who were caught up in the midst of it all. It was scary enough for me where I was, I can only imagine what it was like for those people.

And it seems quite trivial in a way to write about fashion and clothes and what I was wearing the previous week and what I was wearing the week after etc. But it’s absolutely true that you have to carry on with your normal life, doing the things you’ve always done and enjoying the things you love doing. The British philosophy of “keep calm and carry on” absolutely sums up how best to deal with it. That doesn’t take away the trauma of those who were right in amongst it, because there’s no doubt that they and their family and friends will be affected for some time to come. But for me, where I close but far enough away, keeping calm and carrying feels like the right thing to do.

So that’s what I’m doing! Photos for the past two weeks are up in the photo gallery.

This past week, for the first couple of days I just wanted to feel cosy and safe, and the best way I thought to do that was to wear cosy and ‘safe’ clothes – i.e things that required absolutely no thought to put together. And in fact I didn’t even take a photo on the first day of the week. But by the second half of the week, I’d redeemed myself!

My favourite from this week (see the June week 1 photo) was the jeans, black and white stripy t-shirt, camel coloured blazer and nude flats.

The previous week was quite the opposite. I loved every singe outfit I wore that week, my favourite being the navy floral shirt, jeans and chunky camel coloured heels.

As per usual, all the individual items from the past couple of weeks are quite basic, but when put together have made nice simple outfits that look good and made me feel fab. And as I keep on saying, the most important thing is that YOU feel good.

In this coming week I’ve got heaps to look forward to. Firstly, Junes Glossybox will be arriving! I’m genuinely excited to see what’s in in as the last two have been amazing. Never thought I’d ever get excited over beauty products, but I’ve proved myself wrong.

Second thing to look forward to this week – a trip to NEW YORK!!! We booked it in January and it felt so far away at the time, but it’s nearly here and I am SO. FRIGGING. EXCITED. Apologies for the capital letters, but my excitement required emphasis ๐Ÿ˜‰

New York has been on my bucket list for as long as I’ve had one, so the fact I’m actually going is just amazing. I absolutely intend to make the most of this trip, experience as much as I can and be an unashamedly geeky tourist! I’m sure there will be lots of blog posts to follow once I’m home about everything I got up to.

The struggle has been deciding what clothes to take with me on this trip. We’re only there for 4 nights so I don’t need loads and I’m keen to pack only what I really need. Hmmm, best get the suitcase prepared…!

Happy weekend everyone! Stay safe ๐Ÿ™‚

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