Simply stunning Cornwall

This time last week I was having an amazing time in one of the most beautiful places – Cornwall.

It’s truly one of my favourite places that I’ve ever visited. I was lucky enough to visit several times when I was younger and I suspect I formed my love for it back then. But being older now, I think I appreciate the beauty of it even more than I ever have.

We should consider ourselves extremely lucky in the UK that we have somewhere such as Cornwall in our country. We have in fact got so many beautiful places in this country and I honestly don’t think we appreciate them enough. Of course it’s always nice to go overseas and experience different cultures, but we really ought to make the most of what we’ve got in this country, because it really is as stunning as any other place in the world. But Cornwall for me has a touch of magic about it that I just can’t explain.

So, where did I go exactly and where should you go if you’re visiting? Well I was lucky enough to be staying in a flat which was literally 1 minutes walk from the beach in Watergate Bay, which is about 3 miles outside Newquay. It’s perfectly situated for visiting lots of other places around Cornwall. Although slight word of warning – it does take a while to get round places in Cornwall as there are lots of country roads and small villages to drive through. But that only adds to the charm in my opinion!

There are so many amazing places you can choose to base yourself for your visit so you’d have to do your own research to find the right place. You can choose a caravan or camping holiday, a B&B, a nice hotel, or a beautiful country cottage. But wherever you stay and whatever your accommodation type you’re sure to be struck by the magic of the county.

So the places I visited this time round. First up was Newquay itself. One of the bigger towns in Cornwall it’s right on the coast with numerous beaches, the most famous of which is Fistral Beach. It’s well known amongst surfers and is apparently amongst the best beaches in the world for surfing. Who knew we had such a place in the UK?! I didn’t make it to Fistral this time round, but on another of the beaches in Newquay, there is an amazing house built on a rock and only connected to the mainland via a little bridge. It must be so amazing to live here, whether it be summer or winter!


We managed to visit a few places the following day – Trebarwith Strand, Tintagel and Boscastle. Trebarwith Strand has a beach which is really small, but is somewhere we used to visit a lot on holiday when I was younger and it was always my favourite beach. Lots of rocks but really beautiful. The tide was in when we visited this time, but you can’t be disappointed when it still looks utterly stunning:


Tintagel is the supposed location for the legendary King Arthurs castle. Tintagel castle itself is literally right on the cliff face and is a bit of a climb up and down some fairly steep hills. We didn’t visit the actual castle but we did walk down to the entrance where there is a beautiful cove with several caves – one of which is rumoured to be Merlins cave. The whole area is truly stunning and if you like your history, mythical or otherwise, it’s definitely worth a visit.


And then there’s Boscastle. A really beautiful tiny little village with a harbour. Here you can find the Museum of Witchcraft and Magic – the worlds largest collection of magical and witchcraft artefacts, but in the tiniest little building – now that really is magic! Boscastle was where we used to stay when I was little and I love going back. There’s not much to do but it’s just so lovely you can’t not visit it.


The last day was a visit to Padstow, a beautiful little fishing village full of charm. Perfect location for getting a Cornish ice cream and just sitting in the harbour watching the world go by!

There are always loads of different events on, especially during the spring and summer, so there’s more than enough to keep you busy. We were lucky that our visit this year coincided with a Polo On The Beach event at Watergate Bay. I’ve never watched polo before, but it was incredible and for it to be played on the beach as well and when the weather couldn’t have been better just made the holiday even better! Great experience! And the Royal Cornwall County Show is on next weekend which is bound to be a fabulous few days!

There’s so much more to Cornwall that what I’ve described above, many more places to experience and much more the amazing countryside and coastline to appreciate. Whether you’re after a walking, historical, beach, surfing, or family holiday, Cornwall will be the place for you! It’s made all the better by it’s location down in the south west of England, it gets some of the best weather. We were so lucky that it was so beautifully sunny for the majority of the time we were there. But even if it’s not so sunny there’s plenty to do and see, indoors or outdoors.

It’s genuinely one of my favourite places and somewhere I could always escape to if ever I needed a quick break away. Maybe one day I’ll be lucky enough to own a house by the beach so I can enjoy summer evening walks along the sand to blow away the cobwebs.

So if you’ve never visited Cornwall, or you’re from outside the UK and looking for somewhere to visit, then I cannot recommend Cornwall enough. It’s very different to London but why not experience all the amazingness of London as well as all the charm and beauty of Cornwall?! You won’t be disappointed!

Happy travels you lovely lot!

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