What a packing nightmare!

I love going away, travelling to exciting places new and old. But travelling obviously involves packing. And I’m terrible at packing.

The problem I regularly find is never knowing what to take. I used to be the sort that would take way more than I needed, “just in case” (no pun intended!). I’ve got much better at now only taking what I actually need, but that has led to me being really fussy about what I pack. 

I’ve got several trips away over the course of the next few months, to a variety of places – city breaks, mini holidays, hot places and cooler places. And that’s led me to think about how the hell I decide what outfits to take on each break.

I want to look and feel great on holiday, but sometimes practical outfits are better. And with trips to Cornwall and then New York coming up, I need to think carefully about what I pack for each one. I’m conscious that I don’t want to fall into the trap of taking just anything. 

So my tips for packing, whether you’re going for a short break or a longer holiday:

1. Plan your outfits. Seems a bit bizarre, but doing this means you really do only take what you need for each day.

2. Check the weather forecast at your destination. Helps with point 1! Obviously forecasts can change regularly, so if you’re going somewhere that has a changeable climate be sure to take layers so you’re covered regardless of the weather. (Very useful if you’re travelling in the UK!)

3. Make a list. Also to help with point 1! Plus who doesn’t love list making? 

4. Choose your suitcase carefully. Do you really need a massive suitcase for 2 nights away?! Using a suitcase where you only have the ability to pack what you need, will help you to pack only what you need.

I suspect that people who are used to travelling regularly have got the process of outfit picking and outfit packing down to a fine art! The above points have helped me over the past couple of years to better manage what I pack. 

And yes, on occasion it may involve planning a couple of weeks in advance, because you will change your mind several times about what outfits to take, but it will all come good in the end!

If you’re interested in checking out last week’s outfits, the picture is up in the photo gallery.

I was really chuffed with the shirt/blazer/jeans/converse outfit. I thought it might all go well together when I thought of it, but was even more pleased with how it came out.

Anyway, packing planning awaits! Happy packing to you if you’re heading off anywhere soon!

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