Beauty is in the eye of the beholder..

Or so the saying goes anyway. But every now and then we all need a little something to help make ourselves feel that little bit more beautiful right?

I don’t use a lot of make up, nor do I use very many beauty products. I’m not one for spending lots of money on lots of different products, I try and just stick to the basics or the essentials and keep things simple (because I like everything simple, obviously!).

I don’t strive for perfection and I don’t spend hours doing my make up. I’m definitely into a more natural and minimal look, and I’m personally not keen on my face being caked in layers of make up. But, you know, each to their own and all that.

I’m not bothered about trying loads of different products. I’m the type of girl that when I find something I like, I’ll stick to it and won’t always be persuaded to try something new.

I’ve just recently however, signed up to something new – Glossybox. Each month they deliver a beautiful little box of 5 beauty products and all for £10 per month plus P&P. And I know it’s not a totally new concept, but it’s new to me and I think it’s brilliant! I mean, what a genuinely great idea!

Now then, why, I hear you ask, would I sign up to something like this? Especially when I tend to just like what I like and am not really fussed about trying out new stuff.

Well the answer is quite simple – why not?! What’s not to like? Trying new beauty products does tend to come at a cost and if you don’t like something that you’ve bought or it’s not doing what you intended then you’ve wasted your money right? So paying for a sample of different, hand picked, products each month and testing them out is much more economical than spending heaps of money on stuff that may or may not work. Plus if there’s something in the box that I’ve used and want to use again then I have the option of buying it separately.

This is the perfect thing for me – someone who has a bit of an interest in beauty products but doesn’t want to spend too much. This is my first month and I loved the box that arrived this month.


In fact, I will use all of the items that were in it and that’s a little bit of a miracle for me! I’m definitely looking forward to receiving many more little boxes of joy in the future!

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