A year of blogging…and I’m still learning!

Later this month it’s my blogs one year anniversary! And what started as just ‘something to do’ has turned into something that I’m really enjoying. I’m not sure if I was expecting to enjoy it. In fact I’m not sure what I expected at all.

I had the idea to create a blog while I was in Florida on holiday last year. I’d bought a lot, and I mean a LOT, of clothes while I was over there and when I got home and started putting it all away it struck me how many clothes I already had and how many of them I didn’t actually wear.

Cue wardrobe review!

When I started looking through all my clothes I realised that there were two things wrong: 1.) whilst I was very lucky to have so much nice stuff, I was so lazy in my outfit choices that I only wore a handful of them, and 2.) I was lacking in confidence in putting decent outfits together, which basically led to point 1!

And what’s the point in having really nice clothes, that you’ve worked hard to buy for yourself, if you don’t make the most of them and show them off?!

So I set out to change that. I had the idea to start taking a picture of the outfit I wore each day and posting them all on a blog. What I wanted to do was encourage myself to start mixing up my wardrobe, wear a wider variety of clothes, and not wear the same outfit twice if I could help it. I could have just kept them on my phone but I know what I’m like – by doing that I’d have quickly gone back to my old boring ways. So by putting them somewhere public – even if nobody ever read the blog – they’d be out in the public domain and if I failed in what I set out to achieve, that would just be rubbish.

One thing that did worry me at the beginning, and in fact still does now a bit, is people actually reading it! Stupid, I know, why write a blog if you’re worried about people reading it?! But I’m not the sort of person to put my views out in public, and writing a blog obviously puts your thoughts and to some extent, your views on certain things out there for anyone to see. I have views and opinions of course, but I much prefer to keep them to myself.

But as I started writing more posts, my confidence grew a little bit and I started to feel more comfortable in what I was writing. It took a great deal of confidence to do the first post, and lots more to keep going but I’m really glad that I did keep going!

As the months went on, I expanded a little on what other things I was blogging about. I was keen to make sure that anyone that read my blog didn’t feel like I was telling them how to, or how not to, dress. Everyone has their own unique style after all and I really wanted to get that point across. That then led on to writing about other things that I felt were a bit more personal and the various perceptions there are out there about how you should live your life. Eventually, the blog title of ‘The Simply Styled Average Single Girl’ came to me as I think is perfectly describes me.

And now, 12 months on, here I am still blogging away. I have learnt a fair bit, but I still have much to learn about this whole blogging malarkey! And I’m now thinking about how I can start making it better and more interesting for people to read and how to get it out into the world a bit more. I’m really keen to keep blogging about = well , pretty much anything really! I don’t want to stick to just blogging about my simple style. I want to blog about all aspects of life, and my life in particular.

So I’m going to try and blog a bit more often now if I can, and write about everything I enjoy and the randomness of my every day average life.

I hope you’ll come along for this journey with me and enjoy it as much as I hope I will!

And if you’re in any way interested, last week outfits are now up in the photo gallery, in case you need a flash of inspiration – although I’m not sure they’ll give you that!

Happy blogging everyone 🙂

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