Who doesn’t love a good stripe?!

It’s only been recently that I’ve taken to wearing stripes again. Slightly odd thing to say I know, but stripes had never really been my ‘thing’ and I was absolutely adamant that I just wouldn’t wear anything that was stripy. I really have no idea what I had against them.

Well how things change! Or at least some things anyway. I’m still quite particular about what stripy things I wear, but at least I will now entertain the idea rather than dismissing them without even the tiniest bit of consideration! And the stripy things that I do wear, I absolutely love! And when you look around, there are stripes everywhere and they are great.

I’ve actually bought a few items of stripy clothing in the past few months, but it’s only been this past week really that I’ve thought about my previous disregard for them. And I only thought about it because I bought a couple of new stripy t-shirts and I wore one of them last week and I was as pleased as punch with the outfit that it was a part of! And that led to me thinking “why on earth have I so often dismissed stripes?”.

The answer is….. “I don’t know”. How illuminating.

But nonetheless, I have happily welcomed stripes back into my wardrobe and I intend to embrace their stripy-ness as much as I possibly can!

In truth, stripes can actually look really good with the right combination of items, and can add a bit of colour or interest to otherwise really simple outfits. Which is what I did – teamed my new stripy t-shirt with just a simple pair of jeans, a simple blazer and a pair of converse. To smarten the outfit a bit more I could have changed the converse for a pair of loafers or flats, or even heels which would have made the whole look just that bit different. But the simplicity of the outfit would have still been the same – and all thanks to a little stripe or two!

Following my new found love of stripes, I’m now the proud owner of at least 4 stripy casual t-shirts, one casual stripy dress, one semi-casual stripy dress, one formal-ish stripy dress and a couple of stripy jumpers. Crazy really, for someone who shied away from stripes for many years!

I’ve often thought that stripes tend to suit the spring/summer season the most – must be the nautical, out-on-the-sea, at the beach which only happens in the summer, kind of connection. And that is still what I tend to think – I personally would wear stripes more in the spring/summer than during the autumn/winter time. But stripes are definitely an all year round thing and are suitable for all types of outfit.

So lesson learned for me – something else that I’d dismissed as outdated and wouldn’t suit me without even trying it, has turned into something I now really like. Even when you’re a simple dresser like I am, there’s always room for new things. And stripes are really quite a simple thing too. I know there’s always discussions about hoops vs stripes and what suits you best depending on body shape, but I’m a believer in just trying something out and seeing what you like and what you feel comfortable in.

As for the rest of the weeks outfits, well the weather didn’t disappoint in so for as it did exactly as forecast – was cold and a bit rainy, although was quite sunny a couple of days too.  So as expected, I had to go back to the winter wardrobe temporarily, so it was a teeny bit boring – jumpers, jeans and cardigans.

4 April 2017 wk4

Bottom left is the stripy t-shirt outfit that I’ve mentioned above. See – so simple! I’m not sure the photo does it justice really, so you’ll just have to trust me when I say it was a great outfit!

The other outfit I really liked from this week is the one on the left – the dress, boots and cardigan. Last time I wore this dress I wore it with grey tights which I ended up not being too keen on. Wearing the black tights was a much better look I thought, and because I was happier with the outfit I had more confidence in the whole outfit and therefore myself. Happy days.

With any luck, we might actually be heading towards proper spring weather now (although I expect I’ve now jinxed it by saying that!). I am itching to wear my spring and summer wardrobe because I think I have a lot of exciting outfits that I can put together. And when I say exciting, I really just mean excitingly simple, so don’t set your expectations too high!

I’m also lucky enough to have lots of events and trips away during May, June and July so lots of opportunities to wear some lovely simple yet sophisticated outfits to make myself feel and, hopefully, look good! So I’m really quite excited. A change of season is a great time to re-motivate yourself to find the perfect style for you!

I’m all about simple. But your personal style may well be different!

Happy styling!

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