It’s almost spring….almost!

Living in the UK you get used to the crazy weather. In fact talking about the weather a lot is what us Brits are known for! But to be honest, is it any wonder we talk about it so often when it’s so unpredictable?!

We’ve had a couple of weeks in April so far that have been fairly decent – its warmed up a bit, it’s been quite sunny and we haven’t had a great deal of rain. But here’s the unpredictability of it – next week, the last week in April, temperatures are plummeting again. Brilliant. Hopefully, fingers crossed, it’s only a temporary blip and spring will return properly again in a few days.

All this means it will probably be time to get some of the winter clothes out again, temporarily. After I’d just started phasing them out as well, typical! Looking back on April so far, I’ve managed to start wearing some of the more spring type clothes – shirts, t-shirts and blazers, plus I’ve been able to wear spring type shoes as well, which has made a change from wearing boots every day.

But no, next week looks like it’ll be back to boots, jumpers and chunky cardigans again.

I honestly cannot wait until we get back to warmer weather again (assuming that we do!) because I’ve got so many lovely clothes for spring and summer and I cannot wait to start putting them together into loads of different outfits and experimenting with them all.

I’m also really looking forward to wearing sandals and flip flops! Weird I know, but I am.

So, for this past week, I’ve definitely got a bit lazy. The week started ok, had a bit of a chilled out bank holiday Monday then the first couple of days back at work, I made a decent effort with my outfits. Well done me. But then the last couple of days at work I really just got very lazy – hence the hoody and the jumper days.

4 April 2017 wk3

I don’t think either of those days were a bad look at all, and I wasn’t unhappy in what I chose to wear. But I did feel like I’d been lazy and knew I just didn’t have the motivation to pick anything more exciting. But you have those kind of days I guess – you can’t be exciting every day of the week – not that I’m exciting anyway, but I did take simple to the extreme those couple of days!

The black dress I absolutely love! I bought it back in January and loved it when I tried it on. But it’s quite thin so I wanted to wait until the weather had warmed up before wearing it. I really like the shape and length of it and it’s a great look for the office.

And I thought, for this week at least, I’d even include a picture of a genuine lazy day where I just chucked on joggers and a jumper – you can see why I never usually include these type pictures, I do look pretty rough! But it was comfortable for what I was doing that day so it’s all good.

Nothing more to say about last week really – no hits or tips or anything! But as we move more into spring and summer, hopefully I’ll come across some useful tips that I can share for dressing simply and confidently during the warmer months.

Just one more thing – there’s now a ‘Photo gallery’ page which you can access from the menu bar at the top of the home page. There you’ll find all of my daily outfit pictures in one place, rather than having to search through all the blog posts! That is if you’re of course in any way interested!

Happy simple dressing!

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