It’s all about the planning

I love to plan! Yes, that’s right, I’m one of those annoying people that like to have a life plan and I’m not ashamed to admit it!

I consider myself an optimist. I try and see the positive in every situation – usually there’s something good to be found in even the most terrible situations, even if it’s something tiny. And that’s why I find having a life plan a good idea for me, it helps to keep my focus and optimism alive.

Now when I say ‘life plan’ I don’t mean that I have my whole life planned out ahead of me and there are certain things I must achieve before reaching a certain age. That isn’t how I work. Whilst I might consider myself an optimist, I’m also a realist. What I mean by ‘life plan’ is that I have a list of things that I really like to achieve in my life as and when the opportunities arise. That’s a good plan, right?

My list covers a variety of things – places I want to travel to, things I want to experience, some financial goals, and some smaller everyday goals. So what’s the best way to plan for all of this?

Well actually the truth is, you can never properly plan, not really. You can have an idea on what you might want to achieve in the long term, but inevitably life takes you on a totally different course! So I try to have a rolling plan whereby when I’ve done something that was on my list, I add something else to it. But it’s also important to remain flexible in case the unexpected should ever happen.

Having an ongoing plan that is constantly evolving is really exciting for me. I’ve basically always got something to look forward to or to work towards – that’s where I get my motivation from. Simply having an idea of something that I can work towards and look forward to is what drives me to make it happen. But then how do I actually make it happen? Well that depends on what I’m trying to achieve, but sometimes it requires a little bit of sacrifice in other areas, sometimes it’s just a case of maintaining the focus on the end goal.

So here’s a little quote that I think sums up my thoughts:


2017 is a pretty packed year for me. I’ve got amazing stuff to look forward to every month until the end of the year and I love it! And it’ll cross some stuff off my list plus hopefully make some great memories which is what life is all about!

I’ve already started thinking about what I might like to achieve in 2018, plus I’m considering whether what I plan to do for next year then has an effect on what I might do in 2019 – basically if I do manage to achieve what I’m thinking about for next year, then that could lead on to even more amazing things for 2019. Phew! That’s a lot to think about and plan for!

But of course you never know what your situation might be in 6 months time, let alone in 2 years time, so whilst I might start loosely planning so far ahead, if my life circumstances change then I’ll just be flexible and amend my plan. What I want to achieve is no different, but the plan on how I achieve it all might change! And that’s quite exciting in a way.

So, with all this talk of planning we get to the subject of last weeks outfit planning. Slightly tenuous link there as I can’t say there was very much planning involved in what I chose to wear! There are in fact only 3 outfits from last week because I was away for a couple of days and then over Easter weekend I barely left the house.

4 April 2017 wk2

I really liked the outfit in the left hand picture. White jeans with a slouchy grey jumper, denim jacket and light coloured Toms – such an easy outfit to put together, very simple (as always!) but is a really nice casual weekend look and still quite warm in the chilly spring weather.

Really not much else to say about clothes and outfits for this week. So I’ll leave you by simply saying “happy life planning!” 😉

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