The magic 200

Can you believe that I’ve had 200 visitors to my blog?? Me neither! And yet it’s true!

I’m so chuffed that people have even just visited it, even if they haven’t read any of it, or even if they haven’t actually enjoyed it! To have 200 people visit is fab, so thank you to everyone who has visited and taken even the smallest interest.

I really enjoy writing this blog. I try and do a new post every week, but my last one was actually 10 days ago. Ooops. However I have been away having a bit of a break so I’ll forgive myself just this once!

So good news for this week – I have managed to restore all my music to my ipod! HURRAH! A couple of weeks ago, something went a bit wrong and all my music was wiped from it. Mortified is not the word. But I have now got it all back and I am as pleased as punch! I love listening to music whether it be in the mornings getting ready for work, or before bed, or when there’s nothing on TV. And I find my ipod really handy. So when all my music was gone and I had to resort to using my phone I was really quite annoyed! But now it’s all back everything feels right again. Strange how something so simple can make you feel all out of sorts!

Talking of simple things, the past couple of weeks have been quite simple when it comes to outfit choices. But on the whole, I’ve been really pleased because I’ve felt good in what I’ve chosen, and like I always say – feeling good in yourself gives you confidence and you naturally look better to others.

So here are the last two weeks, starting with the last week in March:

3 March 2017 wk5

Can’t pick a favourite from this bunch as I actually like all of them for different reasons. I love the camel colour with white – both the white jeans outfit and the cardigan outfit. As we’re moving into spring though and the weather warms up, the big chunky cardigans will need to be saved for only the chilly summer evenings rather than being worn during the day. But that’s a good thing as I do love spring/summer and the sun!

The burgundy top and navy cardigan with jeans I also love – burgundy and navy together I think look really good and quite sophisticated in a way, even when teamed with just a simple pair of jeans and flat shoes. The burgundy top is a new buy from Oasis and I love it so much that I’ve also got it in black and khaki green.

And then, we’ve got the first week in April:

4 April 2017 wk1

Now, this week doesn’t actually have a lot of variety when it comes to colour. And I only noticed when I put all the pictures together! But what it lacks in colour, it makes up for in simplicity. Plus I was happy with all of the outfits this week as well, so bonus!

A particular favourite from this week is the left hand picture – the navy blazer and cream shirt with jeans and nude heels. LOVE it! It came out far better than I expected to when I put it together. And it’s so simple when you look at the actual individual items. And it would work with a variety of colour shirts and blazers.ย I’m sure I’ll wear it again although I’m trying not to do that, I’m trying to mix everything I wear so I don’t wear the same outfit twice. But you never know!

So, the great news about this week is a short working week – especially for me as I was off Monday and Tuesday and we get Friday off for Easter. So only a 2 day working week for me, woooooo! And a 4 day week next week because of Easter Monday. Love this time of year!

If you fancy it, find me on Pinterest – I’ve started posting a selection of my favourite daily outfits on there. Although I’ll continue to post all the pictures on here as well so you don’t miss out ๐Ÿ˜‰

Wishing you all a happy Easter! ๐Ÿ™‚

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