Quieter times

Life isn’t overly exciting for me right now. Not that I’m complaining mind you and I’m far from unhappy! It’s just the past few weeks have been so hectic at work, that when I get home all I really want to do is get straight into my pjs, stay home, chill and sleep. Nothing wrong with that. Although I don’t think I’ve been out on a weekday evening for quite some time!

Weekends have also been, on the whole, very quiet. That comes from purposely not having much planned so that I can get a bit of chill out time.

So quiet evenings combined with quiet weekends has made for a bit of a quiet time – not a particularly exciting life for a single 34 year old woman to lead is it!

Now that spring is arriving though, the evenings are getting lighter and the weather is warming up a bit, I do generally feel more motivated to get out and about. And that’s why from April time onwards, my weekends at least, are pretty busy. And I’m really looking forward to all the things I’ve got planned – days out, trips away, experiencing lots of new things that I’ve never done before and making new memories. Hurrah!

So getting on to last weeks outfits – I’m really happy with everything I wore last week! I’m not sure the pictures I’ve taken properly demonstrate them in the right way. Photography is clearly not my forte! And I don’t think I’ll make a decent career out of being a personal stylist either, because let’s face it I’m not overly creative. But I really felt very happy with what I wore each day, and that made me feel really confident in myself. I think that must be the first week where I felt like that every day of a whole week.

In any case, at least I’m still living up to my blog name of being ‘Simply Styled’!

So here we go:

3 March 2017 wk2

Each day is slightly different, so I don’t think I’m able to pick a favourite. I obviously had a couple of days that were literally just ‘jumper & jeans’ days but I don’t think they look overly similar, especially as I wore a different style of jeans with each jumper!

The day I wore all black, a couple of people very kindly commented how good I looked that day. Which really made me smile! I don’t dress to please other people, but when other people compliment you it’s a genuinely nice feeling.

Wearing all black, to some people, is a little bit dull and morbid. But I think it can be quite a sophisticated look. And that’s why every now and then I like to wear an all black outfit but adding a splash of one colour – usually in the form of a cardigan or blazer.

Khaki green and camel have been my go to colours for wearing with all black. At least during the winter they have. Haven’t thought much about spring and summer colours. I suspect all black with denim will be a nice spring combination.

The blazer and denim skirt day I really liked. Never really thought about wearing a blazer with a denim skirt before but I personally think they worked well. The top is light grey although it looks white in the  picture. Mind you white would have been equally as nice!

So can I say I’ve learnt anything from these outfits? Not really is the answer. And can I give any advice to anyone looking for some outfit ideas? Errr, no. Sorry! At least not on this occasion. But as per a previous blog post – variety is key. Mix it up a bit and try and go for a different look each day. It can be hard work, having to think everyday about what outfits to put together – but it’s also really fun! And I’m still finding it fun several months on from when I first started taking my daily outfit pictures.

And what I now can’t wait for is holiday dressing. Luckily for me I’ve got several trips away coming up over the next few months, so plenty of opportunity to focus on holiday outfits!

Until next time, happy simple dressing!

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